Flea Away


Flea Away

A herbal Flea and tick solution, made in the UK for applying topically to your pets

Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits from 3 weeks old.

A patch test for sensitivity is advised

A blend of natural Ingredients containing Quassia Bark, Sage, Cyder Vinegar containing essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass and Anti-Parasitic 12x

Apply a few drops up to a pipette 0.8ml to the back of the neck/back weekly, If using on small /sensitive pets advice is to dilute 50/50 and spray on back area.

 If fleas present Dilute 50/50 and spray along back area daily for about 7 days and then go back to weekly .

Dilute 50/50 to spray house, bedding, carpet, skirting boards etc. 

100ml is more than enough for one pet per year when used weekly

Extra Pipettes & empty spray bottles can be purchased separately.

Store away from heat & Light.

Prices start from £11.00

Customer Reviews
jane o' connell
I have been using this regularly for over 2 years & neither of my dogs have had fleas or ticks ....so happy days ! We walk daily in the country side & woodland & used to have a tick problem.
Claire Rodden
I’ve been using flea away for 2 years now and not had a single flea or tick on either of my dogs or my 3 cats and my dogs come everywhere with me in the plantations and beaches and we live in the countryside
audrey marsh
Use this product on a regular basis as it worked on my flea problem wouldnt be without it fantastic stuff
Lesley Tadman
I’ve only been using this product since last summer but we’ve had no fleas at all and my dogs walk everywhere with me
Yvonne Dutton
I have been using this product on my two Shih Tzu for three years. Despite living in the country they have never had any fleas. So lovely to keep them both flea and chemical free.
Lisa Matsell
I started using this after our puppy had a reaction to vet flea treatment. We have had no fleas, its nicer to use and im not worried about the kids cuddling him after treatment
Caroline Rutherford
Great for keeping those nasties away. Gives peace of mind.
I’ve been using this on my rabbits and dogs for a few years and we never have a problem with fleas. Easy to apply, and no nasty chemicals for my pets or daughter to get hold of.
Donnalyn Dunn
This product is so good,it’s easy to use,smells great and you can use all over the house after hoovering.(even deters ants from the doorstep!) I’m so happy knowing that my pet can be chemical free and it’s been more effective than chemical products too. I spray her harness and coats with it too.
Sharon Greenwood
I have been using this on my 3 dogs for years. I love it. No chemicals and keeps them flea free. Would never go back to using chemicals again. ❤
Louise Ely
Used for 5 years, my dogs socialises with other dogs daily and has never had fleas
Adele Thomas
We use this on our dog and cat. It works great and it makes me happy im not causing them any harm.
Joan Shaw
I’ve used this product for a couple of years and can honestly say I’ve never seen a flea, or any evidence of fleas, in all that time, and it smells beautiful!
Unfortunately I found fleas last year on one of my dogs and within a few days of using this product all gone. I now as a preventative spray our dog room and their bedding and works wonderfully. Knowing your not putting nasty chemicals on your dogs is so reassuring
Unfortunately this product has consistently not worked for us :(. I've tried it two years in a row as wanted to give it a second chance but I used it again this year and still my dogs got fleas. In fairness, we live in a rural environment with wild rabbits, foxes and hedgehogs coming through our garden, all of which carry fleas, so natural products (and I've tried many) don't cut it for us at the height of flea season. I've tried diluting and spraying this product, and using it as a drop-on and neither has worked :(. So I now have to resort to chemicals in July and August and use a combination of natural methods in other months. I so wanted this to work!
This is the first time of using this product just had a couple of flees worked well
Absolutely cannot fault these products. Wish I knew about them sooner, not seen a single flea since they had a mini outbreak in the summer. I also use it around the house and add it into the washing machine while washing their blankets & beddings. Now I regularly use them on monthly basis to keep ontop and has a lovely fresh natural smell as opposed to chemical smells from spray bottles from vets/pet shops etc. Easy to use and most importantly SAFE for your four legged friends.
J Davis
I had used everything on my spaniel to try and get rid of fleas and to stop her itching. This is the only thing that has worked. Within an hour of applying she was much more settled. Highly recommended.
L O'Connor
After trying a whole lot of natural flea treatments I found all natural pet and finally no more fleas! Excellent value for money, I have 3 cats and a dog and still on my first bottle! Plus delivery is so quick!
I have been using this product for several year Love it as its 100% natural and never suffered any fleas since using
Stacey cording
Excellent product. We spray on diluted before walks and have used this for a couple of years now ..no fleas or ticks, would highly recommend!!
Nikki Scott
This product is absolutely brilliant whether neat or diluted! Choosing to take the holistic route with our fur baby has been a journey for sure but all made so much easier with high quality products like Flea Away! It last a long time and works a treat

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