Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene Tincture

Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene Tincture

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Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene Tincture

Product details

This  natural blend of Ingredients supports Intestinal hygiene, without altering the natural gut flora, and is well tolerated by the most sensitive of pets.
Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Poultry

Adult dogs 0.8ml two consecutive days a month

Puppies under 8 weeks,Cats and Rabbits half rate0.4ml

Kittens and Poultry  0.2ml

One 50ml bottle will last 12 months or more for 1-2 Adult dog. From 3 weeks old, add to food or directly into mouth.
Can be used daily for 7-10 days if pets already affected.

Ingredients- Aqueous Hibiscus, Gentian, Cayenne, Ginger root, Cloves, Echinacea, natural salts, and Apple cider vinegar

Homeopathic content-  Filis-mas 12x, Cina 12x, Ferrum-met 12x, Sulpher 30, Abrotanium 12x, Teucrium-mar 12x

Prices start from £11.50

Please note: 
Strict EU guidelines, governed in the UK by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, restrict the use of words and information that may portray a product as a registered medicine. In order to comply with these regulations we have had to change the wording of this product, but be assured it is the same ingredients as it has always been.

    Product reviews

    20 reviews

    Hilda Roberts

    A puppy I bred was diagnosed with Giardia at 7-8 weeks, used this daily for three weeks alongside Silver tincture, had a retest at 12-13 weeks old and was clear result.

    Phoebe Pei Leong

    It worked for my sensitive shiba, I mixed it with her food and it cleared all her tape warms in 10 days without upsetting her stomach. Will definitely buy it again. Thank you

    Georgie Lawton

    I have used this product for a good few years now on my dogs. I have them regularly worm checked and they have always come back negative of a worm burden. Amazing stuff, does the job and keeps my dogs chemical free.

    Fran James-Hill

    Constantly having nil worm counts says it all and to know there’s no nasty chemicals is an added bonus.

    Fran Hill

    Love that I can use natural products to keep my pets healthy. Worm counts have consistently come back as nil. Also no nasty side effects. Thank you.

    Kirsty Elliott

    Been using this monthly for a couple of years or so on my pack, chemical free & keeps them worm free

    Demi Louise shaw

    I use the four seasons to prevent worms in my dogs, Joe and Fly. It is a fantastic product and I can confidently say it WORKS !!! Backed up with a worm count every 3 months and I have never had one come back to say my dogs have worms. I think we can call that a result !!

    Emma Ratcliffe

    We have been using this for a long time now after researching into natural products for my epileptic dog. Brilliant product with no side effects.

    F L

    My cocker spaniel has been free of worms etc since using this tincture. I also use flea away anD she hasn’t had fleas either, for eighteen months now. Excellent remedies that help rather than harm as all the previous toxin laden treatments suggested by the vet did.


    First time using this product Also had my first Worm count it came back clear and to carry on doing the same

    Julie Tyler

    Brilliant product that's chem free and affordable.

    Sally Orrin

    Amazing - thought I would have a worm test done after using for a few weeks and every test came back green, which means no worms or eggs. I would rather use this than anything else.

    Louise Ely

    My dog has used this for 5 years, sent a couple of samples off to 'worm count' in the past and both came back clear. Started using this product on my tortoise after sending a sample off to worm count which came back showing worms, using this worked and further samples have always come back clear

    Sharon Greenwood

    No chemicals and really does work. When I bought my little Chihuahua she had worms . I treated her with this for a few weeks and she was worm free. Also my other 2 dogs already had this monthly and didn't get worms off the pup x ❤

    Caroline Rutherford

    Both dogs get this as it is so gentle on their tummy’s. one has quite a sensitive tummy and know this product will not upset either of them

    T Raven

    Great product effective & gentle in the tummy

    Yvonne Dutton

    I have used this product along with Flea Away and the K9 Combo for several years. My dogs are fully protected and not a chemical in sight.

    audrey marsh

    Use this every month works well.

    Claire Rodden

    Been using this for 2 years on my 2 dogs and 3 cats not had a problem since using it and it’s so easy to administer

    Sue Tomlin

    Brilliant product, easy to administer and best of all natural