Grooming Detangle Spray

Grooming Detangle Spray

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Grooming Detangle Spray

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A natural must have spray to use alongside or in between bathing, containing vitamin E to keep the coat soft and shiny and help to keep the coat free of tangles, and easy to groom, with a huge amount of gorgeous scents to choose from, your spoilt for choice.

Contains: Aqua, Aqueous extracts of Chamomile, Coconut extracts, vitamin E,  Fragrance oils

Prices start from  £7.50

    Product reviews

    5 reviews

    Fiona S

    Lovely spray, which detangles and makes my old girl smell like the princess she is! Highly recommend the sandalwood scent.


    I’m a part-time dog groomer and use all natural products on my clients dogs. I’ve spent a fortune on detangling / matting sprays but I love this product! I massage it into the matts and it really helps break the matts and then I comb out. Doesn’t work on completely matted dogs but nothing would except clippers! Highly recommend, another great product!

    Stella Wilkes

    Smells beautiful, my dog makes on objection to having it spayed on him so he obviously has no problem. Makes it easier to groom and leaves fur smelling great and nice and shiny. I use it whilst drying and grooming him and couldn't be more pleased.

    Adele Thomas

    I use this whem I'm using the furminator. Our gosh is soft and smells great afterwards. Just perfect!


    Gorgeous smelling spray that makes the coat really soft. The palma violet fragrance is lush. I also use it on my own hair when it smells of cooking etc to freshen it up.