Human Conditioner Regular Eczema Psoriasis or Thickening

Human Conditioner Regular Eczema Psoriasis or Thickening

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Human Conditioner Regular Eczema Psoriasis or Thickening

Product details

Nourishing, smoothing conditioners to leave hair tangle free, soft and shiny in a range different types to suit your needs.

Select a scent from the great list available

Ingredients: Vitamin e, Coconut oil, Glycerin, Aqua, Herbal extracts, Natural Colouring.

    Product reviews

    7 reviews


    As per the shampoo review , another product to praise , hopefully her eczema will disappear

    Marion Street

    Great conditioner, smells devine

    Jill Boys

    Love this product, leaves my hair in beautiful condition and I have found my hair loss as not been as noticeable using it

    Jenna Tomlins

    Amazing! I got the bubble gum scent and it is so yummy! My hair feels lovely, much easier to comb when wet (I have wavy/curly hair that tangles) and is so much shinier, thank you another fantastic product

    Emma Williams

    I use the baby dust conditioner alongside the cherry shampoo to help my itchy scalp. The conditioner leaves my hair soft and smelling lovely. It is moisturising on normal hair, needs leaving on for a few minutes if the hair is a bit more dry.


    Such how a great product. Would not use anything else now. The Palma violet scent stays in your hair all day.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Love these conditioners and they leave your hair soft and manageable