Nil Plaque

Nil Plaque

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Nil Plaque

Product details

 A blend of three powerful natural Ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums and keep the breath fresh 

Brushing and providing plenty of chewing matter alongside can help scrape the plaque away as it softens

Add 1 scoop (1ml) to food once/twice daily. Spoon in the powders.

Powders are measured in volume ml, not weight.  

Herbal contents in this blend are Fucus seaweed, Alfalfa & Marjoram.

Prices start from  £13-50

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    14 reviews

    Fran James-Hill

    Great product! Use on all my dogs.

    Stacey cording

    Yet another fabulous product from All Natural Pet! Definite improvement in my dogs teeth since using this. Great product...

    Eileen Fleming

    Fab stuff Really made a difference to KOKO the Pomeranians teeth Even the Vet was impressed

    Emma Calvert

    I use the nil plaque, I sprinkle it on my dogs food once per day. My vet has made several comments on my dogs teeth, they are in excellent condition! Fantastic product!

    Alison Rendell

    Use this on my 3 pupsters after our older one had to have dental treatment to remove tartar. No sign of it returning, the youngest one has perfect teeth - the middle one had developed some tartar so this is work in progress but definitely improving - don’t expect overnight results, it does depend on the level of tartar

    Alison Piearce

    Just ordering our second pack. Brilliant stuff, the dogs have it sprinkled on their meals once a day and even fussy eaters like it, and there is a definite improvement in dental health.


    Great stuff my 3 dogs mouths smell sweeter


    Worked great alongside the tooth cleaning gel! Two dogs with great looking teeth!

    Sharon Greenwood

    I use it on my dogs. Helps stop build up of plaque. Recommend for regular use ❤x

    Helen Hasdell

    Used on my elderly dog as she had a lot of plaque on her bottom teeth. I was a bit sceptical at first as I wondered if it’d really work. After about 6 weeks I could really notice the difference, it had nearly all gone and her breath smelt a lot better too. This stuff works miracles.

    Doreen Porter

    Great product, have been using this for two years now, and has helped tremendously with my boy's teeth and the tartar build up.

    T Raven

    Have been using this Nil Pkaque since my dog had his teeth cleaned & there has been no further plaque, his teeth are beautifully clean & the vet says it’s going a great job. I wouldn’t be without it

    Catriona McMillan

    I use this on our 4 year old dog who has 'perfect teeth' according to the vet. We rescued a second dog 4 weeks ago who's teeth aren't in such good condition but we're using the Nil Plaque and have been able to scrape off some of the plaque already.

    jane o' connell

    Helped my 14 yr old lab & 5 yr old pugalier. My lab had (ashamed to say) a build up & it loosened it & able to scrape off.