Outdoor Kennel/Cage Cleaner

Outdoor Kennel/Cage Cleaner

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Outdoor Kennel/Cage Cleaner

Product details

This is a must have for cleaning cages, kennels, outside jobs, like patio, artificial grass, outdoor furniture, watch the grime come away.

Concentrated cleaner, dilute approx 30ml in a bucket of water, or use a stronger solution  for your  needs, safe for all pets, wildlife, children.

Contains; Tincture of aqueous cinnamon & thyme, white distilled vinegar, Rosemary & essential oils.

Prices start from  £8.50

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    Elen Vaughan-Davies

    Absolutely amazing stuff ,have tried numerous other products but this really does work have 5 dogs and through this mixed in water onto patio and no smell of urine

    Louisa phipps

    Wow amazing product! I have used this on my garden on my fake grass and gravel and the smell of dog urine has just completley gone and deoderised! Fab product

    Joan Shaw

    I love this. I use an old washing liquid cap as a measure and one capful in a bucket cleans and deodorises my whole patio. I have four dogs and this area is their safe area when I can’t watch them so gets used for toileting quite a lot. Other products I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot!, never totally get rid of the smell but this does the job perfectly, plus I don’t need to exclude my dogs while it’s drying. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Highly, highly recommended