Room Freshener Spray

Room Freshener Spray

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Room Freshener Spray

Product details

A natural Alcohol, Aerosol free air freshener, to give a lasting aromatic atmosphere in your home, no harsh chemicals,

 A few squirts into the air to freshen the home and safe to use around pets and children, can also be used use on soft furnishings

Choose  from a wonderful list of scents

Contains: Aqua, Coconut Extracts, Chamomile Extracts and scented oils.

Prices start from  £6.95

    Product reviews

    5 reviews

    Nicole Routledge

    Love this room spray. Safe and chemical free. Gentle fragrance, not overpowering. I also spray it on my vacuum cleaner filter after cleaning it and it releases a lovely fresh smell as I vacuum. I have the fresh linen.

    Amanda Freeman

    I’ve just received the coconut air freshener and it’s smells lovely. Sprayed it about an hour ago and can still smell it. Even better that’s it’s safe for pets and humans.

    Jill Boys

    Beautiful, safe around pets and children ,a small spray goes a long way and no harsh chemicals

    Sue Tomlin

    Love this product, and lasts a while too. Safe to use around pets with the most gorgeous choice of scents


    The coconut scent smells lovely - love spraying it around the house after a clean :-) Great that its safe to use around my dog