Anal Gland Powders

Anal Gland Powders

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Anal Gland Powders

Product details

A blend of natural Ingredients goes into these powders to support healthy anal gland function.

Typical signs of anal gland problems can be scooting their bottoms, Itchiness and nibbling paws, and trying to reach the back end, a distinctive strong fishy odour, and releasing their glands on furniture, carpets etc, the anus may also be red, swollen, 

Add specified amount to food daily.

 Ingredients- flaxseed, Alfalfa, wild sage, kelp, turmeric, cayenne, wild apium seeds, fennel, green aniseed, pre and pro biotic and digestive enzymes.

Give 5-10ml  to pets 15kg and under, 10-20ml for heavier pets daily
Lower amounts for preventative, higher for therapeutic needs daily

Powders are measured in volume ml, not weight. 
Spoon is in the pouch. 

Prices start from  £16.75

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    25 reviews


    Amazing product help my dogs when had prombles :)

    Claire Goodwin

    My girl has always had trouble with her anal glands. I would get them emptied at the vet every month or two (£45) and within days she would be chewing and butt scooching again. We’ve been using this powder for over a month and she hasn’t had any problems at all. I thought she would refuse to take it but she seems enjoy the taste too.

    Brodrick Hill

    Fantastic, we got recommended this by a pet shop in Weymouth were we go regularly on holiday. Our Dog was getting uncomfortable at around 5 weeks and we were attending the vets at every 6 weeks. He’s a big boy so having the higher dose, it now been 9 weeks with no issues, I would recommend.

    Annmarie chesworth

    from going to the vets every week for my dogs anal glands to be emptied and medication and flush out he was very uncomfortable all the time all natural pets flashed up on my fb page and i thought will give it a go as i had tried literally everything ive been using this anal support for some time now since around october and yes i have noticed a huge difference and i will continue to use he as it in is food once a day no recent visits to the vets for anal gland empty would recommend

    Lyndsey Allan

    My rescue chi keeps looking round to her tail and scratching her back near her bottom , I cannot afford to take her to vets to check up , I’m a pensioner so money is tight for me , maybe you can help me , I’m not very good on my tablet don’t do online banking either , is there any way I could pay by sending you a cheque to try the anal product , thank you in advance. If you give me a call tomorrow I will talk to you about sending a cheque, number is on bottom of website


    Powder arrived yesterday gave the first dosage today to tilly my shiz zu has had gland trouble for years gets them emptied every six weeks so hopefully this will work

    Caroline Rutherford

    We have 2 lhasa apsos and buster seems to have more problems emptying his anal glands. Anal gland powders are given to both buster and Floyd and has certainly helped buster. Much more gentle than having their wee anal glands squeezed.

    Jane Frean

    Anal gland support. This works! I ran out and forgot to order for a couple of weeks. Mutley is scooting again. Ordered yesterday, arrived this morning. Brilliant service. Thankyou

    Karen Branthwaite

    Ordered this product after reading the reviews and my little Griffon who is raw fed & being 8 years old had never had an Anal Gland Problem, he ended up having surgery to empty and impacted and infected Anal Gland, we have used these powders ever since & he is doing really well, I am really pleased.

    Lesley Sperinck

    I can't praise this product enough. Two of my dogs, large bull breeds, really suffer with their anal glands. To be honest I suffer too as the smell is just awful. This worked quickly and since using it no more issues. It really is an amazing product. Highly recommended.

    Fran James-Hill

    This product helped an elderly rescue dog I rehomed. She had impacted anal glands on arrival and it took about 3 months (with diet and ex changes) on these powders and she was greatly improved for the rest of her time with us.

    Joyce jones

    have been using this for months now and no worries with glands, Pepsi has never had her glands expressed. I give it to her once a week now.

    Sue Tomlin

    I’ve only recently started to use this product, as my dogs anal glands were full and the vet advised they needed expressing, that was not a route I wanted to go down, with Rayannas advice I used 10ml for a week and today her glands are empty, 8 days later! I’ll continue with 5ml a day for a few weeks, but I’m just so pleased with this powder! Elsie loves the taste and devours the powders with her meal. Happy doggy mum and a more comfortable Elsie, I’m natural all the way with my dogs, and this is another product from All Natural Pet that saves more harsher remedies being given to my dogs that are safer and kinder for them


    Love this, it’s been a life saver from that nasty anal gland smell! I use this for all 3 of my dogs but one in particular suffered a lot. To start with I used daily and now use every few days and it’s settled.

    Beverley Ayres

    Before using this we had to make monthly trips to the vet to get them emptied. Since using this bow is certainly more comfortable and no more scooting across the floor. Very pleased with this product.

    Lynn campbell.

    You came highly recommended to me by a facebook friend - All i can say is thank goodness me & my pooch Ruben found you. - he has suffered for years on & off with anal gland issues resulting in many trips to the vet , but since using your powder he is a diffrent dog . No more scooting & pain . Poo nice & firm - Result ! what a transformation . I am thrilled with this product & so is Ruben . Also would like to say thankyou for your advice & reassurance , nothing seems too much trouble . Such a refreshing change from some of the other sites.

    Bridgette Riley

    These powders are Wonderful !!! They have cured Dolly's Problem, so no more vet visits. Thank you Rayanna, what would we do without you.

    Louise Elliott

    Fantastic product, we double dosed for the first couple of weeks as our dog was at the point where he would have had to go to the vets to be expressed. I also supplemented this with Devils Claw for a couple of days as he was uncomfortable. I was worried that our dog wouldn't like the powder, he loves the taste, and the product has worked really well. He has been on another well known brand of anal gland supplements that didn't work and vets visits were still required. Would highly recommend this product it has really worked for us. Thank you Rayanna for your help and advice along the way.

    Isobel McGrory

    Unfortunately this gave my dog severe diarrhoea, it must be the flax seed?? I had to take him to the Vet for treatment and have him fast for 24hrs. My Vet wasn’t keen on the product, but could just be it didn’t agree with his system.

    Jenna Tomlins

    This stuff really works! Our Frenchie used to leak her Anal glands where ever she was! Whether that was on your lap, bed or in the car but that was used to

    Gillian Findlay

    Amazing product. Used this daily and found I didnt need to take to vet to get glands manually expressed.. Took to vet after 6 months of using them and told they were fine. If we get the fishy smell I just double up on the powders for a couple of days and glands express naturally. Still use once/twice weekly and have not had problem glands for months.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Since using this our wee buster is much more comfortable. An end to him scooting about on his wee bum

    Valerie Bayliss

    This powder is magic, Cassie has not had any problem since using it (around 2 years) highly recommend it.

    jane o' connell

    When my pugalier kindly introduced me to anal gland issues I was shocked. Never had a dog with this problem before . The powders certainly helped & with raw feeding she (fingers crossed) hasn't had a problem for over a year. If it did return then I would buy the powders again.

    Jackie Leach

    OMG - this powder has been an absolute life saver for us!!! Oscar suffered terribly with his anal glands, resulting in virtually monthly vets appointments for them to be emptied, He was constantly uncomfortable. We tried everything and were out of our minds with worry. We were then told about Rayanna and this marvellous item. We thought we had nothing to lose and would give it a go. It was the best decision we have ever made. It has been brilliant. Since being on this powder, Oscar has only had to have his glands emptied once in two years. What a transformation. We wouldn’t be without it for him now. And Rayanna is so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble and she is an absolute lifesaver!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️