Human Products

Our natural Human range can cater for many needs, meaning the whole family can have natural choices, whether thats enjoying a relaxing bath in one of our many scents, to migraine gel to ease that throbbing head, to a natural tincture to support weight loss, there is something to benefit everyone.

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Aloe Vera Juice

A concentrated mix of Aloe Vera inner leaf pulp and Lemon extract, giving a clean natural flavourGreat support  for the Immune system, digestion, hair...
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Antibacterial Hand Gel

Antibacterial Hand gel, great for use on the go, don't leave home without one.High Isopropyl Alcohol  content to ward of viruses &  bacteria, but ...
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Asthma Tonic

A  complimentary blend of plant based Ingredients go into this effective supplement to aid with Lung functioning These great herbs supports the openin...
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Beard Oil

A 100% natural Beard oil, suitable for the most sensitive of skins A choice of great scents to suit the IndividualA vegan friendly easily absorbed oil...
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Blemish Cream

A blend  of minimal fast acting herbal Ingredients to support the reduction of blemishes, calm the skin and reduce redness,Works well alongside the bl...
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Blemish Face Wash

A natural formula to cleanse, refresh and support healthy glowing skin.For supporting problem skins, acne, pimples ect, great for adolescence.Use regu...
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Body Insect Repellent

These specially combined natural Ingredients go far in helping repel Insects to prevent you getting bitten/stung.Containing no DEET or other harmful I...
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Body Lotion

This naturally blended lotion is nourishing, easily absorbed that leaves your skin feeling silky soft.Perfect for all skin types, non greasy, absorbs ...
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