Shampoo & Grooming

A range of natural shampoo's and grooming products to leave your pets skin & coat feeling fresh, soft and shiny and smelling fabulous.
With over 50 scents to choose from that contain no Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates, Palm oils, Phosphates, Petrochemicals or PEG"s.
Just natural Ingredients supplied by Mother Nature.

5  Products

Pet Shampoo

Regular ( Suits most skin/coats)Sensitive ( For Pets with extra sensitive skin)White (For White or Light coated pets)Black (For Black or Dark coats)Re...
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Pet Conditioner

Regular ( Suits most skin/coats, as well as sensitive)White (For White or Light coated pets)Black (For Black or Dark coats)Red/Brown ( For Red, Brown,...
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Dry Foam Shampoo

A quick and easy way to keeps pets clean and smelling great when baths are not suitable,  massage the foam into the coat, brush through and leave to d...
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Grooming Detangle Spray

A natural must have spray to use alongside or in between bathing, containing vitamin E to keep the coat soft and shiny and help to keep the coat free ...
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Stain Remover

Shake before use.This perfect  blend of natural Ingredients has been produced to eliminate the fur staining that can affect beards, paws and bottoms, ...
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