Calming Tincture

A bottle with a solution made of herbal ingredients  containing Valerian, Hoodwort and chamomile to relax pets and people

Calming Tincture

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A bottle with a solution made of herbal ingredients  containing Valerian, Hoodwort and chamomile to relax pets and people

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Calming Tincture

Product details

For Pets and Humans

A natural tincture to support relaxation in stressful situations, when home alone, Fireworks, thunderstorms, grooming visits, or to support calmness with behavioural problems like reactivity, also fine to use for humans

Use one to five pipettes ( 0.8ml)  morning and evening, but can be used hourly if needed.
Straight in the mouth or in food. Fine for longer term use

Herbal ingredients consist  of- Valerian root, Hoodwort, Camomile, Wild Sage and Organic Cider Vinegar.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £11-50

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    43 reviews


    I only discovered All Natural Pet this year, when someone on Facebook recommended the flea products. I bought the Calming Tincture at the same time and what a difference it has made to my eight- year-old, timid and reactive Maltese X. Wish I’d known about it sooner. Suffice to say it works within minutes! The change in her after one pipette is unbelievable, and I’m so relieved to have found something that actually works. And the bonus is, it’s chemical free. Thanks so much!

    Catrina shaw

    My wee bully Daisy suffers from anxiety with noises & this is the treatment that helps her cope especially fireworks season. She was settled over weekend snoring happily while they were whistling & banging outside. Thanks Rayanna xx

    julie moffat

    this stuff is amazing .years of my animals suffering when fireworks are going off spent 100s over the years with stuff from vet to no avail .started using this for first time this year and its amazing .dogs and cats so calm .its magic in a bottle

    julie anne moffat

    i have 2 dogs who are petrified of fireworks and loud noise.spent 100s over the years at vets for stuff to help them through firework time to no dogs would lose control of bowels and bladders when fireworks were going off and hyperventalate there has been many a time i thought they would have a heart attack...just discovered this product this year and its amazing really amazing my dogs and cats are so much more relaxed and there have been fireworks going off here for well over a week.and dogs have been really relaxed and slept through a lot of the fireworks.they did hear them and looked wee bit worried through the worst of them but another pipette of this magic in a bottle worked brilliant .i also use it on the cats..i run a rescue for cats and dogs wish id known about this stuff years ago

    Mary Lamey

    Love all Rayannas products. With Calming Tincture you can actually see it works two, not necessarily happy, but really calm dogs for my Beardie this is an amazing result.


    My Dog is terrified of loud bangs even someone closing a car door so you can imagine bonfire night. He won’t go out the house for weeks even in daylight after bonfire night. I’d tried the thunder shirt ect. and nothing really worked. Saw this read the reviews and thought I’d give it try. Gave him some Friday,fireworks were going off but not many and he slept all evening and Saturday morning he tripped off out for a walk. Saturday with loads of fireworks same slept the odd huge explosion woke him but he just looked up back to sleep. Sunday walks no problem Sunday night actual bonfire night lots more garden fireworks near by. No problem,he’s gone from a trembling panting terrified dog to calm as you like. I couldn’t recommend this enough and do so to anyone that mentions a nervous dog. I’d give it 6 out of 5 if I could.


    This stuff is absolutely amazing I have had it for the past 2 yrs , I have for bonfire night and new yr eve and it works wonders calming and chilling my dog out would highly recommend

    Linda Jackson

    First timer using this tincture. Recommend it to anyone now as it does work which is a miracle .My youngest dog is an anxious lockdown soul who isn’t bothered by guns firing by the shoot or bird scarers in the fields but panics with fireworks. I’ve dosed him up a few times a day over this weekend and again when the noise was at its loudest . He’s been laid asleep at my feet or snoring on the sofa!! It’s also helped my 11yr old who also was running around indoors barking at the horrendous bangs.

    Jacquelyn jachontow

    Absolutely amazing ,my rescue bichon is a very scared timid girl who after new years eve fireworks wouldn't leave the house for months . I was dreading this years firework night but low and behold she slept through. She did at one stage look at me and then to the window when the flashes were visible,but then put her head down and slept through . I have recommended them to loads of people last night .

    Shannon hagan

    This stuff is amazing help all my dogs so much keep all nice and relaxed


    Brilliant stuff keeps dogs calm for firework’s and grooming

    Mark W

    I call this a miracle in a bottle, works on all 5 of my dogs, I put it on a little piece of bread as some don't like it directly from the pipette. All knocked out for a good 3 hours and none reactive afterwards.

    Carol Williams

    This product is amazing , no stressful times now . Helped with so many of my dogs worry’s , he’s a different dog since discoing it , in fact all these products are amazing . And Rayanna is allways rhee for help and advice thankyou

    V James

    I could leave a five star review every day for ten years and it still wouldn't be enough good reviews for these calming drops. They've absolutely changed my dogs life and I don't want to even think what the situation would be if I hadn't found them. Amazing!

    June wood

    What can I say? Apart from these should be renamed to witchcraft in a bottle or something. My boy was so petrified of fireworks, I tried everything from thunder shirts to sedation tablets from the vets. I had no option at the time as I was fighting a losing battle. One I point blank refused to give up on, but when you see your dog injuring himself from scurrying round trying to hide everything goes through your mind. He was that bad that I was actually considering asking the vets to operate on him and make him deaf. I didn't take that idea lightly at all, as this would stress my boy out even more, and stress was one of the things I wanted to stop, I didn't want to go this route if I could help it. This calming tincture (witchcraft in a bottle) has literally saved his life, and I mean saved his life. He is the complete opposite now ( hence the nick name I gave it) he takes command's and actually sleeps through the majority of them now. It's just the really loud ones that physically shake our home that he reacts to, but even then he isn't half as bad as he used to be. I will only ever recommend this tincture to people now

    Hiba Mahjouri

    This stuff is amazing. My dog is extremely anxious especially during firework season. I gave this to her for a week prior to bonfire night and then on the night and she fell asleep during the fireworks! Also amazing for things like the groomers or just when your dog is feeling anxious or on edge in general, particularly during a season.

    Sheila Pinkstone

    Sorry but had no effect on my dog, during firework disolay How much and how often are you using?

    Lisa burton

    Absolutely incredible, was sceptical at first gave my yorkie 2 doses as he is petrified of fire works. Hes currently fast asleep on my lap while fireworks are going off

    Su Brown

    The Calming Tincture is amazing! Gave my new over excitable rescue dog just 2 doses before a walk....the change in his excitable and reactive behaviour was nothing short of amazing! He sat calmly in the car en route to our walk instead of leaping about screaming like a demented banshee...he approached other dogs calmly (with human intervention) instead of bombing up to them without any manners. His calm behaviour has also been very noticeable in the home. I have tried 3 or4 others on the market but never had results like this! Can't praise this tincture highly enough, a definite keeper for sure.x


    Amazing product. Tried all the dorwest calming products and different plug ins even cbd. Nothing touched our dog. We use ithis for separation anxiety and reactive issues on walks. This is by far the best. One dose is enough for us but all dogs differ. Would 100% reccomend.

    Pat Dornan

    This morning I used these drops prior to a visit to the dental hospital. I have a terror around going near the dentists ( school dentist in the 60s) and usualky have diazepam to visit. I decided to uses these drops instead as I wanted to drive myself to the appointment. I am so impressed. Worked a treat!! Not even a raise in blood pressure. In the chair for almost two hours and a bone biopsy and no sign of panic.


    I would definitely recommend the calming tincture, it really helps my dog during thunderstorms, fireworks, even when it is very windy. Works wonders.


    We got this as our older dog was not settling at night - this combined with Devils Claw makes for a older dog sleep way more soundly - just takes the edge off. Be warned though if they are very tired it can take effect straight away!!! So give it after they have done the nights pee before bed otherwise you might just have a sleeping dog who doesn't want to move!!


    I bought this for our three dogs who are frantic over bonfire night, new year etc with the fire works. I have previously used calming tablets but found them difficult to administer effectively. I love the ease of use of this tincture, dropped onto their dinner they wolfed it down and we’re far more relaxed. Also the liquid format means it is easier to vary the dose for their size and need. I will definitely be buying more for next year!

    Nikki Scott

    An absolutely amazing tincture, does exactly what it says it does, our pup even likes the taste of it! Has helped with painful teething and travelling, our pup was able to stay overnight at a friends house without any issues at all thanks to the tincture she was so mellow she took it all in her stride. This is a product we will be using as part of our holistic armoury for life!

    Stacey cording

    This product is a fantastic! Really helps to calm our fearful dog when there's thunder or fireworks. Wouldn't be without it, another brilliant product from this wonderful company!!

    Kerry Barron

    The calming tincture works a treat on Miko. He does not like loud noises, thunder or fireworks and prior to the calming tincture he would cry, pace, shake and be generally unsettled keeping the whole household awake. Thanks to the calming tincture Miko is no longer a quivering mess and we can all sleep.


    Amazing tincture. Works really well on my two dogs, helped me have them calm for training. One of my dogs is a Newfoundland and will not take tablets of any kind (smells them a mile away

    Sarah Cooper

    Wow - I'm so impressed! I have a very anxious new rescue dog which has caused anxiety in me too. This stuff is incredible. I felt calmer within half an hour of taking it and the anxiety I'd felt for over a month seemed to diminish. Waiting to see the effects on the dog but he has far more reason to be anxious than I do! Thank you so much xxx

    Steve Whild

    Having 3 JRTs , 2 of them have awful distress when its around Bonfire night, was suggested to us by Rayanna, and it has worked amazingly , would recommend to anyone who has a dog or cat that suffers in this way

    Diane connell

    Got this for my very anxious jack russell and definitely has made a big improvement. She is much more relaxed once she has had this. I would definitely recommend this.

    Kat Wilson

    This tincture has been a game changer for our 11 year old Bengal girl. She became very stressed (after a bad cattery stay), was over eating, howling all night and licking her hair off. After 6 months on this I've now got a different cat completely, highly recommended.

    Liz Savage

    Brilliant product. My girl slept through New Year's Eve fireworks and bangs for the first time in 4yrs.

    Alison Rendell

    This product is amazing, helped settle my old girl so she slept through the fireworks on bonfire night and New Year’s Eve


    I am always keen to recommend this, it works wonders for my nervous Spaniel, from thunderstorms to firework season. Knowing it is pure and not chemical based, I will give as a precaution when I anticipate stress knowing she will relax and be happy. A 5 product without doubt ! I also use myself when I am having sleep issues - works a treat !

    Mark W

    Probably my favourite product with brilliant results.

    Jenna Tomlins

    I have a reactive dog and this has been an enormous help. Sometimes when she gets very worked up this quickly helps her settle down! I don't go anywhere without it!

    Sharon Greenwood

    I used this on my little Yorkie and it's amazing. Really did help to calm her down ❤ Highly recommended x

    Jacqueline Rae

    Excellent product. Tried many others but this was the only one that worked for my pooches with no need to worry about side effects as its all herbal. Giving this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star product & 5 star service.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Bought this product and is excellent for keeping our boys relaxed when required

    Catriona McMillan

    We love this! We initially bought it to help after our dog was injured during a grooming session and was unable to relax or get comfortable. It worked straight away. Now we use it when we're having lots of visitors to help her relax a bit. It's fab.

    jane o' connell

    I have used for fire work season with both my dogs & it certainly seems to keep them calmer & more settled.

    Marguerite Guest

    Calming tincture does what it says on the bottle. I use it for when grooming becomes stressful it certainly does the trick, would recommend.