Calming Tincture



Universal for Pets and Humans

A natural tincture to support relaxation in stressful situations, when home alone, Fireworks, thunderstorms, grooming visits, or to support calmness with behavioural problems like reactivity

Use one to five pipettes ( 0.8ml)  morning and evening, but can be used hourly if needed.
Straight in the mouth or in food. Fine for longer term use

Herbal ingredients consist  of- Valerian root, Hoodwort, Camomile, Wild Sage and Organic Cider Vinegar.

Store away from heat & Light

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Customer Reviews
Marguerite Guest
Calming tincture does what it says on the bottle. I use it for when grooming becomes stressful it certainly does the trick, would recommend.
jane o' connell
I have used for fire work season with both my dogs & it certainly seems to keep them calmer & more settled.
Catriona McMillan
We love this! We initially bought it to help after our dog was injured during a grooming session and was unable to relax or get comfortable. It worked straight away. Now we use it when we're having lots of visitors to help her relax a bit. It's fab.
Caroline Rutherford
Bought this product and is excellent for keeping our boys relaxed when required
Jacqueline Rae
Excellent product. Tried many others but this was the only one that worked for my pooches with no need to worry about side effects as its all herbal. Giving this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star product & 5 star service.
Sharon Greenwood
I used this on my little Yorkie and it's amazing. Really did help to calm her down ❤ Highly recommended x
Jenna Tomlins
I have a reactive dog and this has been an enormous help. Sometimes when she gets very worked up this quickly helps her settle down! I don't go anywhere without it!
Mark W
Probably my favourite product with brilliant results.
I am always keen to recommend this, it works wonders for my nervous Spaniel, from thunderstorms to firework season. Knowing it is pure and not chemical based, I will give as a precaution when I anticipate stress knowing she will relax and be happy. A 5 product without doubt ! I also use myself when I am having sleep issues - works a treat !
Alison Rendell
This product is amazing, helped settle my old girl so she slept through the fireworks on bonfire night and New Year’s Eve
Liz Savage
Brilliant product. My girl slept through New Year's Eve fireworks and bangs for the first time in 4yrs.
Kat Wilson
This tincture has been a game changer for our 11 year old Bengal girl. She became very stressed (after a bad cattery stay), was over eating, howling all night and licking her hair off. After 6 months on this I've now got a different cat completely, highly recommended.
Diane connell
Got this for my very anxious jack russell and definitely has made a big improvement. She is much more relaxed once she has had this. I would definitely recommend this.
Steve Whild
Having 3 JRTs , 2 of them have awful distress when its around Bonfire night, was suggested to us by Rayanna, and it has worked amazingly , would recommend to anyone who has a dog or cat that suffers in this way
Sarah Cooper
Wow - I'm so impressed! I have a very anxious new rescue dog which has caused anxiety in me too. This stuff is incredible. I felt calmer within half an hour of taking it and the anxiety I'd felt for over a month seemed to diminish. Waiting to see the effects on the dog but he has far more reason to be anxious than I do! Thank you so much xxx
Amazing tincture. Works really well on my two dogs, helped me have them calm for training. One of my dogs is a Newfoundland and will not take tablets of any kind (smells them a mile away
Kerry Barron
The calming tincture works a treat on Miko. He does not like loud noises, thunder or fireworks and prior to the calming tincture he would cry, pace, shake and be generally unsettled keeping the whole household awake. Thanks to the calming tincture Miko is no longer a quivering mess and we can all sleep.
Stacey cording
This product is a fantastic! Really helps to calm our fearful dog when there's thunder or fireworks. Wouldn't be without it, another brilliant product from this wonderful company!!
Nikki Scott
An absolutely amazing tincture, does exactly what it says it does, our pup even likes the taste of it! Has helped with painful teething and travelling, our pup was able to stay overnight at a friends house without any issues at all thanks to the tincture she was so mellow she took it all in her stride. This is a product we will be using as part of our holistic armoury for life!

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