Unrefined cold pressed Hemp oil

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Unrefined cold pressed Hemp oil

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Can be used to support overall wellbeing 

Start off with a couple of drops under the tongue, hold up to a minute and swallow.  Twice daily.

Use up to about 16 drops twice daily

Slowly increase amounts as needed to see best results, as no set amount suits all.

Can be used topically.

100% Cold pressed hemp oil. Nothing added, nothing taken away 400mg

Store away from heat + Light, 

Shake well before use.

    Product reviews

    4 reviews


    Amazing product, added to my dogs food from the day she was diagnosed with spleen tumour, totally convinced it bought us extra quality time with her. Husband uses daily for joint pain, now he takes some convincing to try something but now swears by it !


    I have been using this for two years now and the change is amazing! It works well for stress relief, sleep and nerve pain. Highly recommend and amazing value for money!

    Kirsty Elliott

    I've been using this for a couple of years for my 17 yr old pom, it really has given him a boost,


    Use this product for myself and my two dogs, certainly helps and very reasonably priced,