Unrefined cold pressed Hemp oil

Unrefined cold pressed Hemp oil

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Unrefined cold pressed Hemp oil

Product details

Full spectrum oil 

Can be used to support overall wellbeing   

Start off with a couple of drops under the tongue, hold up to a minute and swallow.  Twice daily.
Or drop down side of the mouth on those that cant use under the tongue.
Or if that's not possible in a very small amount of food.

Use up to about 16 drops twice daily depending on needs.

Slowly increase amounts as needed to see best results, as no set amount suits all.

Can be used topically.

100% Full Spectrum Cold pressed hemp oil. Nothing added, nothing taken away 400mg

Store away from heat + Light, 

Shake well before use.

50ml-£22  or 100ml-£36

    Product reviews

    14 reviews


    Could you please let me know how many drops you give for tiny dogs Also for me..id like to know how much to take because it sounds amazing for pain You would need to email contact at bottom of website


    Amazing use it for my 10 year old dog :)

    Sue Tomlin

    I’ve been using this product for about a month now, due to menopause and not being able to take HRT, I was suffering from anxiety and joint pain and thought I’d try this! Well, I’m so pleased I did! It’s really helped with joint pain, unbelievably so, and helped to balance my ship so I feel more like me, and my menopausal anxiety is under control! It’s a product I won’t be without now! So pleased with it,


    I’ve been using this for anxiety & it really helps to keep me calm,also helps me sleep I wouldn’t be without it.

    Rhona MacLeod

    I initially bought a bottle of this as my dog had major surgery - splenectomy - and the Vet was initially thinking he might have a serious type of sarcoma that had a very poor prognosis. So I was preparing for the worst but praying and sending Reiki for a good outcome. Alfie got a few drops of the hemp oil twice daily from the time he came home after his surgery. I still give him a few drops even now as he loves it so much, and licks it from my hand, with gusto!


    Been using this for about 6 months for my dog, who has OA and it works really well. Will be needing to use it myself in the near future.


    Been using this oil for way over a year now for joint pain (rheum. arth) Also unintentially,have found it amazing to aid restful sleep as a bonus! I benefit so very much from this oil, I never want to be without it now. A great price & quality. Ps...I tried 2 other far more expensive oils,with nothing like success of the All Natura Pet one...


    I use this for my old terrier who has dementia, he was pacing and whining a lot, and this has really helped him settle, and reduced this. It has allowed him to settle to sleep when he was very restless and up and down.


    I've used the oil for both dogs and humans with good results, good price and a trusted source

    Dee Smith

    Fantastic producrt . I started using this for my Jimmy who has a luxating patella and he is pain free and happy . This is magic stuff and I would highly recommend it to everyone x I would recommend all of Rayannas' products , I have used several of them in the past and I am happy to say they all work exactly as they say they do . x


    Use this product for myself and my two dogs, certainly helps and very reasonably priced,

    Kirsty Elliott

    I've been using this for a couple of years for my 17 yr old pom, it really has given him a boost,


    I have been using this for two years now and the change is amazing! It works well for stress relief, sleep and nerve pain. Highly recommend and amazing value for money!


    Amazing product, added to my dogs food from the day she was diagnosed with spleen tumour, totally convinced it bought us extra quality time with her. Husband uses daily for joint pain, now he takes some convincing to try something but now swears by it !