Coldsore Gel

Coldsore Gel

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Coldsore Gel

Product details

These select natural Ingredients used as soon as that first tingle is felt, can help reduce symptoms and a good reduction on how long the sore lasts 

Apply 3 x daily using a cotton bud

Contains: Coconut cream, Rosemary & Hibiscus in a herbal gel.

Store away from heat & Light

    Product reviews

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    Always had cold sores occasionally but this year I've had lots . Tried this gel and it's absolutely brilliant. Really stops them developing into a full blown cold sore . Really pleased I've found this.


    Really helps to sooth my huge coldsores, they're usually so angry and sore, this takes the sting out


    Struggled with cold sores for many years and never found any conventional treatments helped but since using this gel it works immediately providing relief and making them heal quickly