Corn and Callus Cream

Corn and Callus Cream

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Corn and Callus Cream

Product details

A herbal  cream  blend to apply to corns & calluses to get the feet feeling more comfortable.

Contains:Coconut cream, Coconut wax, Apple cider vinegar, Rosemary.

Apply twice daily.

Store away from heat & Light

    Product reviews

    2 reviews

    Shirley Graves

    Callus cream I’ve had a callus on my little toe for years. On a regular basis I had to trim the hard skin off as it was painful to walk. I bought this cream with no expectations really but used on a regular basis of once or twice a day for a few weeks or so when miraculously it just disappeared. I was so surprised. I still use the cream but only when I remember. I was delighted and no more pain. Great stuff.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Helped ease my foot....had corn between toe this cream eased it.