Pet Nose Balm

Pet Nose Balm

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Pet Nose Balm

Product details

A great nourishing herbal balm for cracked, peeling or dry noses, or can be used for extra shine when pampering pets

Natural ingredients consist of Vitamin E, tinctures of cucumber & melon in a herbal gel.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £7.50

    Product reviews

    2 reviews


    Absolutely amazing cream.. Dylan’s nose was so dry and dehydrated . Within just a couple of days using this the results are incredible .. can’t recommend it enough!

    Kristina Salce

    Absolutely amazing cream. As a pug owner I always struggled with his nose. After using 3-4 days could see a huge difference. My Zilla has his beautiful nose back. Shared some cream with my friend and got a very positive feed back. Definitely highly recommended