Dry Foam Hand Cleaner

Dry Foam Hand Cleaner

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Dry Foam Hand Cleaner

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A handy Natural cleanser to use on the  go, you cant always be near washing facilities, and these are handy to carry at all times,

Apply a couple of pumps and massage in, it drys quickly, to leave your hands clean and fresh

Contains: Coconut Surfactant Cleanser, Natural Sea Salt, Aqueous Extract of Camomile and Orange.

Prices start from  £7.00

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    Alison Rendell

    This is just amazing, am constantly using it on my hands - doesn’t dry them out - hands & nails in the best condition ever


    I have ordered 2 bottles and it smells and feels amazing on the hands . My only query is whether it disinfects as the other alcohol based sanitisers do ? It will clean your. hands like cleaning with soap and water does.

    Emma Williams

    I use a huge amount of hand sanitizer at work as I’m a teacher and wanted to have a product that was kinder to my skin and the environment. This hand foam smells very fresh, keeps my hands clean without drying them and does not aggravate my skin condition. I chose the tea tree version and it’s gone down a treat at school, staff actually come in to pinch some! Thoroughly recommend this product!