Human Flu Tincture

Human Flu Tincture

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Human Flu Tincture

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Take 1 pipette (0.8ml) once a week, Or daily if exposed to the virus or already succumbed to it.

Contains: Flu nosodes in a tincture of Wild Thyme, Marjoram and Clove

(Nosodes are prepared by homeopathic dilution. Although they have been used for many years, they have not been subjected to clinical trials, so therefore the evidence for their prophylactic use can not be substantiated.)

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £15.00

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    3 reviews


    Fabulous stuff. Had a virus that is worldwide at the moment . Had no energy constantly tired, aching, runny nose, etc took this along side the immune support and within 2 days I felt so much better . Still continuing to use as I'm.not out of the woods yet . But it's making a massive difference .

    Jill Boys

    We have been taking this for 3 months then over Xmas my hubby came down with cold/flu and we found this did help with his recovery

    Caroline Rutherford

    Bought this product and believe it speeded up my recovery