General Household Cleaner

General Household Cleaner

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General Household Cleaner

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This General house cleaner, for everyday, every job, everywhere, such a versatile cleaner, housework isn't a chore when you have amazing scented cleaners like this.

Add 20-40ml to a bucket of water, or make up in smaller quantities in a spray bottle.

Contains: White Distilled Vinegar, Aqueous tinctures of Thyme and Cinnamon in a blend of Essential Oils.

Prices start from  £8.50

    Product reviews

    18 reviews


    I’ve been searching for a while to find a toxic free cleaner that was also safe to use around my cat. I use this all the time to clean around the kitchen, mopping the floors etc It works really well on grease and oils in the kitchen. The scents are really lovely and everywhere feels fresh and clean. I would highly recommend the cherry and bubblegum scents.

    Stacey Cording

    Absolutely love this household cleaner They clean everything brilliantly and are so much better than any other ‘branded’ cleaning products. I’ve had a few different fragrances but got to say Black orchid is my absolute favourite.I must also add that the customer service of this lovely company is second to none. Always willing to help with any questions.

    Carrie Vibert

    Fantastic!- I’ve tried so many eco products that take so much work to clean . This is amazing . Smells great too




    I love this cleaner! From the ceramic hob to the shower screen it cleans & removes smears instantly. Smells amazing & it’s great to know it’s eco friendly. Also use it in my oil burner. I can’t wait to try all the different scents.

    June wood

    Omg what can I say apart from now i just have to try all the different smells now. I have so many of these products not just for the home but for me and my dog to. It's a 1 stop shop for anything you could ever need. Have been recommending to complete strangers even


    This product is fabulous and has no end of uses! I have the Frankincense and Myrrh and the smell is gorgeous. Even better it cleaned my impossible to keep clean (dogs noses) patio doors with no smears or streaks. Can't recommend it enough. Thankfully lots of smells to experiment with too. x


    I use the general cleaner all the time with the lime fragrance . It smells divine - fresh and clean and is extremely effective . We have hard water here and I’ve had problems with limes ale build up on my glass shower screen and bath , but this cleaner ( used with less water ) is great for getting rid of the cloudiness appearance of limescale . And doesn’t harm our septic tank either!

    Jill Boys

    This cleaner is fantastic, brilliant for cleaning dishwasher and washer you name it it will probably clean it , the hardest part is choosing the scent !safe around pets and children

    Alison Rendell

    A great product, have a few favourite smells which leaves the whole house smelling fresh & clean - kind on hands too. The biggest surprise was just how good it is on windows & mirrors

    Jenna Tomlins

    5 stars isn't enough! Not only does it smell amazing (I ordered the palma violet scent) but it does everything! We spray the shower surround with it twice a week and no more scum or streaking that requires a scrub. Spray it on and leave overnight wake up to clear glass surround, tray and plug hole and the amazing smell. I have used it all over the place and I'm almost searching for reasons to use it more often haha! Can not recommend enough!

    Emma Williams

    Our household is totally in love with these cleaners! We use it in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and for general cleaning all round the house. We have had many different fragrances and loved them all, diluted in a spray bottle they give a lovely fresh smell while cleaning effectively. We have three dogs so don’t like using harsh chemical cleaners around their sensitive noses. It also works to clean up occasional doggy sick incidents, removing any nasty smells while cleaning the floor.

    Joan Shaw

    I buy this in patchouli fragrance. It’s lovely. Cleans just about anything around the house and smells gorgeous. Economical to use and one product does it all so helps cut down on plastic


    Really good product! I buy this instead of zoflora now! I bought vanilla and it smells lush!

    Caroline Rutherford

    Great....cleans everything and knowing it is safe to use is fantastic

    Lisa Matsell

    I was recommended this while looking for oven cleaner it worked a treat, i have since used it all over the house and pleased with the results. I was very impressed with the way it cleaned my washer too


    I’ve got a little stash under the sink in various fragrances and they all smell absolutely lovely. It has soo many uses from the bathroom taps, cleaning the washing machine, windows, floors and in my diffuser, the list is endless. I have black glossy worktops and before whenever I wiped them I had to use kitchen roll to dry them off as they would go all streaky. Now I use this all the time and no smears or streaks

    Shirley Graves

    Bought this household cleaner in Lily fragrance.. Soooo nice and sooo versatile. Everything from floors to mirrors. No smearing either. Definitely a must have. Will look forward to trying all the different fragrances.