Gut Health Tincture

Gut Health Tincture

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Gut Health Tincture

Product details

A special blend of natural ingredients to support your digestive wellbeing 

This can be used to support the natural gut flora which can go a long way towards supporting good health & energy levels or to support the gut when experiencing upset tummies, double amounts can be used for therapeutic needs.

Herbal Ingredients are aqueous extracts of Hoodwort, Chamomile, Sage, Valerian root plus Vegetable Glycerine and Berry fruits.

Take 10ml daily, can be doubled for therapeutic needs.

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    5 reviews

    Sally Bee

    This tincture is wonderful, slightest symptom of heartburn and it works immediately use it for both me and my hubby when slightest tummy problem, highly recommend

    Pamela hobson

    I've used this for a while and it does make a massive difference

    Yvonne Dutton

    It may sound melodramatic to say this product has changed my life but it really has. After years of stomach and gut problems not helped by several food intolerances added along the way this tincture really has made a huge difference. I’ve only been on it for two weeks but No longer do I have stomach pains after eating, worry about making morning appointments in case I’m not feeling well, or have painful trapped wind and dare I say flatulence. I just wish I had started it years ago. It tastes nice too!


    Brilliant product - my 3 year old was complaining of a bad tummy for a few days, nothing was helping. As soon as she started to take this product she stopped complaining! She would ask me for it every day so I would imagine it tasted quite nice! It’s definitely something to keep in the cupboard for upset tummies.

    Sally Orrin

    I have been experiencing a bad IBS time for a few weeks, decided to try this and it has given me so much relief highly recommend this tincture.