Incontinence Tincture

Incontinence Tincture

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Incontinence Tincture

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Sometimes when pets age, their body doesn't always work as efficiently as it used too, so it needs a helping hand, it can also be a problem in some spayed females/neutered males, this natural  blend of herbs can help tone the urinary tract.

Give 5ml Daily to pets 15kg and under, 10ml for heavier pets.
Can use to double amounts.

Herbal contents in this tincture are Celery seed, Fennel seed, Petroselinum (parsley) Red berry base.

Prices start from  £16-75

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    8 reviews

    Rachael Barnett

    My 8 year girl started to have accidents while she was lying in her bed or just generally resting. I took her to the vets because I suspected a UTI. After 10 days of Antibiotics no improvement. I ordered the incontinence tincture, waited, and within 10 days her accidents have stopped completely. So so pleased with this tincture it has been a god send and happy ending to a potentially problematic outcome, thank you so much

    Babs walsh

    This is amazing,so glad i came across it,my boy is 16 in 2 days and does have leaks...since taking this its helped so much..

    Katie Bullock

    I've been using this for several months now after my 8 year old female dobermann started wetting her bed at night, it took probbaly 3 weeks to work, but now its very rare that she has any accidents and I haven't changed anything else.

    Marion Street

    Super effective product gor Spay incontinence

    Donna Miller

    I have been using this product for at least 2 - 3 years now. I am so impressed, a couple of accidents at first whilst I suppose it got in my dogs system then nothing. Absolutely fantastic and would well recommend

    Nicola Tranter

    Very pleased with this product. We had been having wee wee leaky problems (most evenings and sometimes 3 times an evening) with our 4 yr old lurcher bitch who was diagnosed with USMI. Still had a few problems in the first week of using the product but only when she was very tired and asleep to the world. 2 months plus and we have not had any more accidents since. Very impressed now from someone who was very sceptical to start with.

    Debbie Morgan

    My old girl, mixed breed started having occasional accidents in the evenings. Within 4 days of being on this it stopped.

    Sally Ann Orrin

    So pleased with this tincture, my dear 17 year old boy had started leaking, not only has this worked but he has also stopped scratching, could be coincidence but well pleased with the result.