Body Insect Repellent

Body Insect Repellent

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Body Insect Repellent

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These specially combined natural Ingredients go far in helping repel Insects to prevent you getting bitten/stung.

Containing no DEET or other harmful Insecticides, it's safe to use for Adults, children and pets

Contains: Quassia with Essential oils of Bog Myrtle, Lemongrass & Tea tree. 

Store away from heat & Light

    Product reviews

    2 reviews


    Never disappoints , this is the 2nd time we buy this product and it works wonders with aggressive mosquitos both last summer and when on holiday in hot countries

    Carol French

    Brilliant stuff. I live in Portugal and get plagued with flies and nozzles. I spray this on me, the dog, the cats, round the windows, on my bedding and even on a damp sponge to put on an outside dining table so we dont get bitten. Smells lovely and no nasties in it. Fab product.