K9 Combo 30 Tincture

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K9 Combo 30 Tincture

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Give one full pipette (0.8ml ) once a month. You can increase  this to daily if needed  if been in  contact with known animals who are showing signs of illness, or if symptoms shown by your dog are giving concerns.

Contains- Nosodes blended in a tincture of echinacea, wild sage and wild thyme. Homeopathic content Aconite 30.Arnica 30.Belladonna 200.Ferrum-Phos 6x.Gelsemium 30.Hypercium 30.Ledun 30.Nux Vomica 30.& Rhus Tox 30.

(Nosodes are prepared by homeopathic dilution. Although they have been used for many years, they have not been subjected to clinical trials, so therefore the evidence for their prophylactic use can not be substantiated.)

Store away from heat & Light

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    Product reviews

    6 reviews

    Yvonne Dutton

    I love being able to protect my dogs without the use of chemicals. I trust this product 100% as I do with all of All Natural Pets products. I have been using this for several years and will continue to do so.

    Sue Tomlin

    Both my dogs had their initial DHP vaccine, just the one. I use this for extra support for L*** and k* my dogs haven’t had boosters so this product gives peace of mind without the chemicals

    Joan Shaw

    Ive been using this for the last two years with no problems. We had a local outbreak of parvo and my dogs stayed safe and healthy. Highly recommended

    Pamela hobson

    used this and much better than the vet injections

    Angela Dawson

    I love how I can protect my dog 100% with homeopathic remedies. It’s easy to administer and highly recommended.


    I give to my chihuahua monthly, two of my other dogs contracted kennel cough and he started showing symptoms, so i began go give this daily, after 4 days (and 4 doses) he was back to his normal self.