Kennel Cough Tincture

Kennel Cough Tincture

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Kennel Cough Tincture

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Give one full pipette (0.8ml ) once a month. You can increase this to daily if needed if been in contact with known animals who are showing signs of illness, or if symptoms shown by your dog are giving concerns

Kennel cough nosodes blended into a herbal tonic of Echinacea, Wild Thyme and Wild Sage.

(Nosodes are prepared by homeopathic dilution. Although they have been used for many years, they have not been subjected to clinical trials, so therefore the evidence for their prophylactic use can not be substantiated.)

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £15.00

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    7 reviews


    This was recommended to me when my dog started showing symptoms of kennel cough a few days ago, just awful she couldn't stop coughing. Ordered Tuesday, received Wednesday (super fast delivery!!), she's had 4 doses in total, and the cough has gone!!! Absolutely amazing stuff, can't recommended it enough.

    Jeanette Weddup

    I use this along side Rayannas monthly prevention tinctures. When there was an outbreak of KC recently among our agility group that my dog had contact with, I upped to a daily dose and we had no symptoms what so ever. Totally recommend

    Wendy Bray

    Our youngest dog caught kennel cough from another visiting dog. Ordered the tincture as I use many of Rayannas products & as expected this has quickly eased the cough within 48 hours. I'm continuing for a total of 7 days as instructed to ensure its gone but I am really impressed with how quickly it made a difference. I'm also giving our other dogs the tincture "just in case" & none are showing any symptoms which is amazing. Can't speak highly enough of Rayanna & her products. Thank you so much.

    Eryn Peridot

    Absolutely cannot rate this enough my staffie hadn't long had surgery and antibiotics for an infection when he contracted kennel cough we bought this and 8 days later no more coughing I also gave it to my chihuahua as a preventative and she didn't catch it 5*s

    Janine Daniels

    Purchased the kennel cough tincture as was looking after a friends dog and he started showing signs of kennel cough. Purchased the tincture and gave to the dog with kennel cough and all of my own, none of the others came down with kennel cough and friends dog was better within about 5 days. Amazing product would always recommend

    Janet English

    Ordered this on Tuesday morning. Recieved Thursday can't ask more than that. Gave my dog some this morning . Hopefully it will keep the dreaded KC at bay.


    My four caught kennel cough and I gave them this daily for five days and it cleared up in four days . They get it once a month now as a preventative. Great product speedy service and knowledgeable customer service