Kennel Cough Tincture

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Kennel Cough Tincture

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Give one full pipette (0.8ml ) once a month. You can increase this to daily if needed if been in contact with known animals who are showing signs of illness, or if symptoms shown by your dog are giving concerns

Kennel cough nosodes blended into a herbal tonic of Echinacea, Wild Thyme and Wild Sage.

(Nosodes are prepared by homeopathic dilution. Although they have been used for many years, they have not been subjected to clinical trials, so therefore the evidence for their prophylactic use can not be substantiated.)

Store away from heat & Light

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    My four caught kennel cough and I gave them this daily for five days and it cleared up in four days . They get it once a month now as a preventative. Great product speedy service and knowledgeable customer service