Leishmaniasis Powders

Leishmaniasis Powders

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Leishmaniasis Powders

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A unique blend of natural ingredients to support the condition Leishmaniasis,  firstly it alters the pH chemistry of the skin thus not making the dog a good host to sand flies, secondly the powders support the symptoms and balance the immune system.

 To use if no Leishmaniasis present, add 10ml to food once weekly. 

To use if already affected with Leishmaniasis , add 10ml daily for 14 days, then go back to weekly amounts

Contains- pH tonic, Neem, Quassia, Cassia, Trigonella seed, Turmeric and Sea Kelp, pre and pro biotic, digestive enzymes. 

Powders are measured in volume ml, not weight.

 Spoon is in the pouch. 

Prices start from  £16.75

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    2 reviews

    Michelle Farmer

    We have a little rescue dog from Cyprus that has Leish. I have started using this product to treat her as it is much kinder than the medication that the vets prescribe which have nasty side effect. My big dog (GSD) lost a kidney due to the drugs. I don't want to risk that with the little one.Little dog takes the powder with no problem.

    Jackie Ginn

    I live in Portugal, so my dogs are more at risk here. Originally, Vet suspected my stray dog had Leishmaniasis so began daily treatment. Blood tests can back negative but I continue to use weekly on my five dogs.