Lip Fold Cleanse

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Lip Fold Cleanse

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Lip Fold Cleanse

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A natural solution made from the finest Ingredients to cleanse the delicate Lip folds & wrinkles on pets faces, that many breeds have, this can help keep the skin clear and healthy, as these areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and can soon become sore and smelly.

Apply using the spray or with a cloth twice daily or as needed.

Contains-  Aqua, Coconut extracts, White Wine Vinegar & Extracts Of Rosemary 

Prices start from £16.00

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    Tracy Lennard

    This is amazing stuff! I have a bully and he makes such a mess when he eats. His lip folds were getting stained even though i wiped his face after each meal. I use this every day and his face is beautiful and clear and smells lovely for bully kisses :-)