Skin Fold Cleanse

Skin Fold Cleanse

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Skin Fold Cleanse

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As well as being great for Lip fold dermatitis, this is also perfect for dogs with facial folds, tail pockets etc as these are areas that can easily become sore as its a breeding ground for bacteria with all the sweat, dirt, and moisture that gets trapped.
Breeds like spaniels, bull breeds, pugs, Sharpeis, bassets, bloodhounds, Pekinese,  Shih Tzu's, to name a few   can all benefit

Apply using the spray or with a cloth twice daily or as needed.

Contains-  Aqua, Coconut extracts, White Wine Vinegar & Extracts Of Rosemary 

Prices start from £16.00

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    Tracy Lennard

    This is amazing stuff! I have a bully and he makes such a mess when he eats. His lip folds were getting stained even though i wiped his face after each meal. I use this every day and his face is beautiful and clear and smells lovely for bully kisses :-)