Marine Phytoplankton powders

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Marine Phytoplankton powders

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A fantastic organic super food supplementa powerful antioxidantfor overall health and well being, and can support many ailments. Contains an abundance of amino acids, essential fatty acids,  vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. Just add to food.

Natural ingredients consist of Organic marine phytoplankton  & Dry French Green Clay 

Use 5ml daily  for pets up to 15kg, or 10ml for larger pets.
Spoon is in the pouch, measured by ml volume.

Prices start from  £15-50

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    Jackie Ginn

    I have been Raw Feeding for many years and already use many All Natural Pet supplements but have ordered this so that I am reassured that my animals are receiving all the vitamins and minerals I may have missed from their diet. I would suggest, even more necessary if eating commercial pet food.

    Nikki Scott

    This phytoplankton powder helped our puppy to detox from pup vaccinations. She was itching and scratching and biting at herself when we came across this website via Facebook. We sent an email asking for advice, within a day the powder arrived and now we have an itch free scratch free puppy. Thank you so much

    Eleanor hipson

    Thought this was worth a try and glad I did much better and healthier for my dogs