Paw Wash

Paw Wash

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Paw Wash

Product details

This hand blended herbal spray packs a lot in the bottle to help keep your pets paws sanitised and keep bacteria and germs at bay whilst out exploring.
It's easy for pets to stand in unwanted matter whilst out and about, and dogs, cats will lick their paws afterwards.

Spray paws before and after walks, to sanitise, non harmful if licked.

Contains: Quassia,  Colloidal silver, Anti fungal, with scented oils.

    Product reviews

    5 reviews


    I love this product - my male labrador had really rough, dry and sensitive pads and this spray has helped so much to the point he actually lets me touch his paws again which is a miracle!

    L Wilson

    Love this paw wash, I use if they’re taken somewhere where there are lots of dogs. mine don’t like being sprayed though so I spray onto flannel or in my hand and rub onto their paws. It smells amazing.

    Demi shaw

    Iv been using your paw wash for some time now and I find it very helpful when my bitch has puppies. When she goes outside before she comes back in she’ll have a quick wipe over with this spray so she isn’t bringing any nasties back into the whelping box that could make the puppies sick. I always recommend it to friends

    Bridgette Riley

    I use this Fabulous Product every day and it really works. Keeps my Cavapoochon safe. Thankyou Rayanna .

    Caroline Rutherford

    Great product for keeping their paws clean and ensure they are protected before and after walks