Raw Diet Support Powders

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Raw Diet Support Powders

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Raw Diet Support Powders

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Do you feed a raw or home cooked diet, or any diet that maybe lacking in vital nutrients, do you worry it may not be balanced enough.
These powders are made from a natural blend of Ingredients to give nutritional balance, support the organs, give vitality and all round good health, you will soon see the difference they can make.

Ingredients are Brewers yeast, wild mint, bladderwrack, milk thistle, alfalfa, flax seed, pre and probiotic  and digestive enzymes.

Add to food daily, give pets to 15kg 5ml daily, heavier pets 10ml.                                                      

Powders are measured in volume not weight. Spoon is in the pouch.
Based on a 10ml amount, 265ml lasts approx 26 days, 565ml approx 56 days, and 1lt approx 100 days.

Prices start from £16.75

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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