Teeth Cleaning Powders

Teeth Cleaning Powders

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Teeth Cleaning Powders

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This vegan friendly natural tooth cleaning powder, gives a thorough clean, great for removing stains.

Use twice daily, dip your brush in the powders, dampen and brush away, rinse your mouth afterwards.

Free from any harmful or controversial ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, microplastics, SLS or formaldehydes, it is gentle yet works well.

Contains:  Titanium clay, Baking soda plus natural flavouring Powders are measured in volume.

    Product reviews

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    Fantastic product. Great at tartar control and aiding fresh breath.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Another great product. Bought this to help whiten my teeth and it has done that. Every product is guaranteed to do what it says.