UTI Tincture

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UTI Tincture

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Suitable for pets and humans

A natural Tincture blended from a mix of herbal ingredients to support a healthy Urinary system

Add to food or into mouth daily for about 7 days, then once weekly thereafter 

cats and small pets 2.5ml daily. pets up to 15kg - 5ml, larger pets and humans 10ml

This tinctures blend contains Fennel, Petroselenium, Hibiscus, Apium seed, Tree bark, Cranberry pre & pro biotics plus enzymes, in an apple cider vinegar  base.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £12-00

    Product reviews

    11 reviews

    Jane Dixon

    We got this because our male cat had a UTI and he was struggling to pass urine and we put it directly into mouth and within a day/2 he was urinating properly again!! Was super fast delivery too!

    Pamela hobson

    used this regularly and it's great, my girl never had a problem

    Freya Kennedy

    Brilliant product, used this on my foster dog who arrived with a suspected uti, while waiting for results of lab tests I used this tonic and it totally cleared up all issues he'd had which when tests eventually came back showed excessively alkaline urine... Did a dipstick and the tonic had completely balanced him and he needed no more treatment.

    Isobell donaldson

    Bought this for my elderly cat it worked wonders on the second day , also took some myself as I felt a uti coming on great product and speedy delivery

    Pat Dornan

    Messaged Rayanna for advice on which product might suit me. Ordered yesterday, arrived today. Fabulous, kind and speedy service. Will get back once I have tried it out. Fingers crossed.

    Pat Dornan

    Am blown away by this product. Have historic problems with urine/kidney infections . Am Usually careful with diet and had slipped into bad habits at xmas time resulting in a flare up. Having had two lots of antibiotics with dreadful side effects I asked Rayanna if she had anything that could help as it had flared up again. Tincture arrived the next day and I took it immediately. Got up the next morning and pain was gone. This will be my go to should it flare up again.


    Fantastic product. Stopped my little Collie from stressing from leaking. Amazing fast delivery too.


    I bought this for my elderly dog who is having some UTI symptoms. She has been using the tincture for a short while and seems to be much more comfortable. I mix it in with her food and she has no issues taking it. Very pleased as I always am with products from All Natural Pet

    Fran James-Hill

    This product has helped maintain my girls urinary health after a period of repeated UTIs. She now has the tincture weekly and hasn’t had a UTI in over a year.

    Pat Dornan

    I am back for more of this product. Its been a life changer.

    Hannah Colver

    Brought this for my cat at the beginning of the year to help with reoccurring UTI’s. It was gone within a day and he stopped trying to urinate around the house. It’s now a staple supplement as part of his raw diet and it’s amazing as it’s saved us so much in vet bills! Highly recommend.