Verruca Gel

Verruca Gel

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Verruca Gel

Product details

A herbal preparation to help clear Verrucas

Gentle and painless

Apply twice daily to affected areas

Contains: Rosemary, Teatree oil, Thuja in a herbal base.

Store from heat & Light

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    June wood

    What can I say, I had lost hope of ever getting rid of my 2 verrucas. I had tried everything over the counter inc the bazuca one that freezes. Nothing helped at all. My foot got so sore with them I had to go and get them cut out and they kept coming back, when I found this to be fair because of the other stuff I had tried I didn't have much hope. OMG was I surprised it certainly helps and I went last week hopefully for the last time to get them seen to. They haven't even started to feel sore like they normally do, so yeah it is definitely working. Just need the smallest amount, put it on after your shower and have used a pumice stone, that's how I did it, I can't recommend this stuff enough. Definitely worth the money, oh and to add I had 2 of the horrid things for around a year before I found this cream.

    Catherine Craig

    This is amazing!!!! My teenage daughter has tried so many treatments and we were about to go to see our GP . I bought this for her to try when I was buying our puppy shampoo. She’s used this for 4 weeks now and her multiple verrucas have almost gone .

    Lisa Matsell

    This is a must in our house the kids are prone to verrucas. The gel is easy for them to use and is gentle on their skin