Wart & Skin Tag Oil

Two bottles with pipette lids containing a pale gold oil for applying to skin tags and warts daily to help remove them

Wart & Skin Tag Oil

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Two bottles with pipette lids containing a pale gold oil for applying to skin tags and warts daily to help remove them

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Wart & Skin Tag Oil

Product details

Apply to wart/tag, once/twice daily, massage in, avoid the eye area.
No scaring or pain

Contains- Walnut oil with essential oils of lavender,tea tree & cinnamon.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £11-50

    Product reviews

    8 reviews

    Ashleigh M

    Tried twice a day application for 6+ weeks and honestly had zero effect. Shame given the other reviews stating successful results. Some can take quite a few weeks, even months, as its a natural product, shame you didn't persevere with it!


    My bull terrier developed a skin tag on his snout. It was quite big. He hates the vets so it was either leave it or give this oil ago. It does state to put on twice a day, but I just did once a day. After 6 weeks it has just disappeared. Great stuff!! He also has a small skin tag near his eye, so most definitely purchasing the cream for sensitive areas....


    Our dog suddenly had a wart appear on her face just on her jowl. I already had some of the wart and skin tag oil - so started applying it - note we are not very consistent!! but its almost gone after 2-3 weeks - probably only once (ish) a day for that time - we added nothing else. I personally find the dropper a pain so decanted into a small screw top bottle and that was much simpler for me to remember to use! 100% worked!


    Amazing product which has just saved my chihuahua another trip to the vet, used the oil twice and the wart is now the size of a pin head, I’m well impressed

    Sally Ann Orrin

    Been using this on a few warts on my little Yorkie, only for about a week and they have nearly all gone. I had what I think may have been a wart on my finger and I am sure that is nearly gone too. Wonderful stuff

    Lesley Tadman

    I used this for an unsightly wart I had on my leg, I used it twice daily and within a few weeks the wart was completely gone, can’t recommend this product enough.

    Julie Neidhardt

    I've been using this on skin tags on my neck, the difference in just a few days is fantastic. I would highly recommend it.

    audrey marsh

    My boy had a wart on his neck were his harness fitted vet was concerned it would rub and cause him problems used this the wart was soon gone wonderful stuff highly recommend