Washing up Liquid

Washing up Liquid

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Washing up Liquid

Product details

A concentrated Washing up liquid made from natural Ingredients.

You’ll get the results you want without those unnecessary chemicals, with the bonus of a plant based scent, and kinder to your hands.

Contains; Coconut surfactant foaming agent, extracts of Chamomile. Natural sea salt, plus essential oils

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    Fiona Sinfield

    Really nice, you only need use a tiny drop. I use it for the dog’s bowls etc. The lemongrass scent is divine!

    Jenna Tomlins

    You should maybe also market this as a hand cleaner - leaves your hands so soft and clean! Cuts through all grease and makes washing up easy! I use it on everything and even my raw fed dogs food bowls and feel safe in the knowledge that there's no nasty chemicals to hang around in their bowls. It also smells so lovely! Can not recommend enough!

    Joan Shaw

    Bit pricey but cuts through grease and lasts as long as a comparable branded washing up liquid