Dry Foam Shampoo

Dry Foam Shampoo

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Dry Foam Shampoo

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A quick and easy way to keeps pets clean and smelling great when baths are not suitable,  massage the foam into the coat, brush through and leave to dry, just choose between regular or sensitive and one of our fabulous scents

REGULAR-  Aqua, Coconut surfacant cleansing & foaming agent, chamomile aqeous extracts, sea salt, vitamin e extract

SENSITIVE - Coconut surfactant  cleansing & foaming agent, aqueous extracts of Chamomile, Oat & Cucumber, sea salt, vitamin e extract.

Prices start from  £5.50

    Product reviews

    7 reviews


    Love this dry shampoo! My pup isn’t a fan of water so if he needs freshening up I use this and brush though his coat. I use the puppy dust fragranced shampoo and it smells gorgeous and the smell lasts ages.


    Love this shampoo :)


    Amazing shampoo, really cleaned right through my long haired border collie to the skin and the scent lasted ages, love it, so handy to not have to use water

    Adele Thomas

    We've used this while our dog hasn't been able to bath because of ligament and knee surgery. She looks great and smells lovely!

    Sue Tomlin

    I have puppy dust dry shampoo on standby if my dogs need a freshen up, it’s my favourite scent, just like baby powder!

    Caroline Rutherford

    Great for in between washes or to freshen up. So gentle

    Valerie Bayliss

    Love this shampoo, it smells Devine and is really effective. Often use on Dylan if he is grubby from rolling and it works really well. Leaves the coat really soft and lovely.