Pet Conditioner

Pet Conditioner

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Pet Conditioner

Product details

Regular ( Suits most skin/coats, as well as sensitive)

White (For White or Light coated pets)

Black (For Black or Dark coats)

Red/Brown ( For Red, Brown, Golden coat pets)

A natural moisturising conditioner suitable for all skin types to use alongside the shampoos, containing vitamin E to keep the coat soft and tangle free and looking amazing, even from the first use

Contains- Aqueous, sage and chamomile base with coconut ewax, Vitamin e, natural Thickeners, Essential oils and plant based colour enhancers  

Prices start from  £7.50

    Product reviews

    4 reviews

    Pat Dornan

    Dougall has a beautiful thick curly bichon coat. This whitening conditioner is a godsend. Makes drying him and brushing him a doddle. I love the Puppy Dust scent, lasts for a long time.

    Bex Taylor

    This is the best conditioner I have used. I use the unscented on my poodles and still leaves them with the lovely cocounut smell. Very easy to brush their coat afterwards. Lasts a long time to.

    Lauren G

    I got the peach scent and I’m so happy I did. It’s smells beautiful! The puppies don’t object at all. My 11 month old has been getting matted recently he’s a Maltipoo. It’s been a daily struggle combing him. This conditioner just blew me away made his coat so soft and so easy to blow dry the matts out. I ran a comb through after and he was Matt free I’m so pleased!

    Lisa Matsell

    Our puppy is a bichon jack Russell cross so his can be a little wild. This conditioner always leaves his coat soft and easier to comb.