Eye Wash

A couple of pipette topped bottles containing a pale yellow solution of herbal ingredients for cleaning pets eyes

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Eye Wash

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A gentle eye wash which can  be used daily to keep eyes clean and bright

put a few drops onto a clean cloth and wipe around eye areas daily.

Herbal ingredients of Extracts of Camomile & Fennel in an aqueous tincture.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from £7.00

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    Caroline Rutherford

    Great for cleaning sleep and gunk from their eyes. Also gentle for their eyes.

    Gillian Findlay

    Use this daily to remove sleepy gunk out of eyes. Also find it great to prevent tear stains.


    Great stuff for cleaning away gunk from eyes. I hold a cotton pad over the eye for a few moments, which softens the gunk easily and allows it to be wiped away without any picking and rubbing. I'm really impressed with the service and quality of products from this company. Thank you so much.