Golden Eye with Silver

Two small pipette topped clear bottles containing a yellow solution of herbal ingredients for supporting eye conditions

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Golden Eye with Silver

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Product details

Universal for Pets and Humans

To keep those eyes bright, healthy and comfortable

Place a couple of drops into eye(s) twice daily,

Contains-  Chamomile, Silver in suspension, Fennel extracts

Store away from heat & Light

If you are concerned  for your pets eye health please consult with your vet.

Prices start from £11.00

    Product reviews

    12 reviews

    Katie Lewis

    The best product for runny eyes. Post walk, both dogs had gunky eyes. I keep all my products in the fridge. Within 2 days of using golden eye the gunk cleared up completely


    I purchased golden eye with silver when my dog had a minor eye infection - I am pleased to report that after just a few applications it was significantly better and healed fully within a week - I stored the remaining product in my fridge and now use it to flush sand out of her eyes after windy beach jaunts

    Louise Ely

    Used this to clear conjunctivitis on my dog in the past with excellent speedy results

    Gillian Findlay

    Used this to clear Conjunctivitis. Turned out to be blapharitis which cleared up within a week. Vet was amazed at how fast it had cleared up. Now use weekly, 1drop in each eye, to prevent further problems

    Adele Thomas

    We gave this to our dog when she had an eye infection. It healed it in 2 days straight, we were so pleased. The cat had gunky eyes last week, did the same. I'm so pleased I found this company.

    Lesley Lowe

    I bought these eye drops for myself as I often get an itchy eye that feels like it has got grit in it. These eye drops are brilliant and work almost immediately. I also used them on my pony who had a runny puffy eye and it had gone in two or three days.

    Louise Caine

    I’ve used this on my partner for sore hay fever eyes and also on a wild rabbit with an eye infection.. absolutely brilliant product and cleared up the rabbits eye infection within 36 hours.

    Alison Rendell

    Purchased this for my pupster but didn’t need it so now use it myself - it’s great for sore, tired eyes and for itchy hay fever eyes too - works so quickly

    Stella Wilkes

    Used this to clear up sore, watery eyes and it cleared things up beautifully. My dog wasn't so keen on drops in eyes so mainly put on lint free cloth and wipe eyes and this worked.

    Pat Dornan

    What an impressive product, I have had to buy for friends and family as they are blown away by the quick acting drops. Gunky eyes in the morning, all clear after one application. So many dogs around with gunky eyes, can only imagine its the pollen. Now happy dogs and happy owners. Highly recomended.

    Kristina Salce

    Absolutely love this product. It’s one of mine must have at home. Once I see that my doggies start getting any discharge from their eyes I pop few drops. Couple days and eyes are back to normal. Love it on the windy days as a precaution after walks. On several occasions managed without vets dealing with conjunctivitis.


    Great stuff - cleared up conjunctivitis in my young collie within a week. About to purchase more as he kindly infected my other collie and I clumsily knocked the bottle over! Also used it on my husband as he had a red eye and one drop was all it took to put him right. An essential in your medicine cabinet, especially if, like me, you prefer to avoid antibiotics where possible.