Lipoma Gel

Lipoma Gel

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Lipoma Gel

Product details

A blend of effective natural Ingredients make up this herbal gel to help disperse Lipomas.

Gently apply on the Lipomas twice daily,  works best alongside the Lipoma support powders.
This gel blend contains Apricot kernel oil, Thuja, Oak bark, Herbal Gel base, fragrance oils.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £7.50

    Product reviews

    6 reviews


    Brought to use in 2 of my dogs who have small fatty lumps, used this 2 - 3 times a day alongside the powder daily, it's been nearly 3 weeks of use and its made absolutely no difference whatsoever to either of them unfortunately. My one dog is now booked to have her fatty lump removed via surgery on Friday instead. 3 weeks is no time at all, the powders take 2 weeks to start kicking in, so expectations are a bit high, they are a supplement that can take time.


    Beyond words. The most amassing communication and the fastest delivery (to Australia) I have ever experienced (ordering online for over 15y). Human Lipoma gel smells fresh and natural, Human Lipoma powder so refreshing and tasty. Received it today, so just starting to use those products, will come back with the results perhaps in few weeks or months. Thank you so very much for your professionalism, kindness and most importantly for your humanity ❤️

    Zee Causon

    I’m amazed how well this works, not all lumps but most them them reduced in size in two weeks,.

    Jess Doyle

    Used this gel alongside the powder and after only one week of using our senior staffies lump has nearly gone. So impressed by these products. We were told the only way to get rid of the lump was via surgery. I am so glad I found all-natural pet products.


    My 1yo developed what appeared to be a Lipoma on her Back. I used the Lipoma powders and the Lipoma Gel and in less than 3 weeks the lump had gone.

    Lipoma Gel

    I've been using the Lipoma Gel on my Yorkie for just over a week and I can promise you that it does the job...the fatty lump on her head is reduced to almost nothing. Great value for money too.