Silver Cream

Suitable for pets and Humans

Colloidal Silver cream has been used for centuries anti-fungal, anti-bacterial an all round soothing cream.
A must have for the first aid cupboard for the whole family.

Apply directly to area 2/3 times daily.

Contains- Silver (12ppm),  Vitamin e, Vegetable wax, Fuchsia essential oil.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £7-00

Customer Reviews
Shirley Graves
Wouldn't be without a tub of your silver cream. So many uses for both the dogs and grandchildren. It's a must have !
jane o' connell
Always have this in my cupboard. I use it on humans as well as my dogs. My daughter pinched 1 tub off me for her cats who had a weird skin problem.
Katie Lewis
The best cream out there on the market for Both us humans and pets. For any minor or major skin issue.
Anne Davies
Brilliant cream for wounds, cuts, grazes - for pets and humans! Helped a deep wound on my dog's neck to heal quickly and we always have a pot in the cupboard.
Catriona McMillan
I bought this for the dog to soothe razor burn following a bad grooming session. It worked really well and instantly gave her relief. Now, we use it for the humans too for any skin related issues.
Yvonne Dutton
This is so good, I wouldn’t be without it. Great on the dogs, especially on one who gets hot spots. Great for us. I put some on a burn last week intending to apply twice a day but I forgot because the burn never hurt again and healed quickly!
Doreen Porter
Wonderful product, always have one Available, for just incase of cat bites, and wounds, heals up in no time. Plus saves a lot of money on vet Bill's!
Caroline Rutherford
Great cream has helped various skin problems on pets and I used it too.....great stuff
She Tomlin
This cream forms part of my first aid kit, wouldn’t be without it
Used this on rabbits sore hocks..1st time along with antibiotics from the vet. Second time we noticed a flare up and used just this product, was gone within days!
Donnalyn Dunn
It’s just pure magic... My pet suffered with dermatitis from a bite and has seasonal allergies. She swelled and screeched for two days when injected with steroid from a vet.. This cream soothed and sorted her when I first used it within 3 days!!!!! I’ve used it since and same results,also smells divine. We use it too for bites or sore skin conditions.. I love that it’s safe to ingest if my pet licks it too,another plus point.
Alison Rendell
A must have for humans & pets - a little pot of magic that works on so many skin conditions, wonderful for those pesky oven burns, bites and works fantastically on cold sores - smell great too
Jenna Tomlins
I use this for something practically every day! If I get dry hands I use it before bed as a hand cream. I use it on any wounds my dog gets (she's accident prone) my other half uses it when he cuts himself generally doing DIY or messing with a car. A brilliant cream!
Lesley Tadman
This is something I will never be without, it was a lifesaver when my dog had a very nasty hot spot, I applied the silver cream several times a day and the difference it made was unbelievable, it’s a must have for any First Aid kit
My Chihuahua had been nibbling at her leg making it red and sore, but as soon as I applied the cream she stopped and left it alone. Few days later and it has improved so much! No more red or irritated skin - amazing! And a must have product :-) I also love that it’s natural, cruelty free and safe for pets.
Alison Rendell
This is a must have product - kept in the fridge it’s so soothing. it’s great on practically everything for humans - gnat bites, cold sores, small burns, paper cuts, grazes and so much more - great on the pupsters too - we each have a tub in the fridge and another one in work where everyone refers to it as my ‘magic pot of cream’. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would
Jill Boys
Brilliant, given to 2 family members who had operations to help the healing process of the stitches they found they healed so much better, I always have a pot in the fridge for people and pets
Denise Shepherd
I am using it on my husband as he has shingles and has taken the itch out of the blisters. And the red rash is slowly disappearing
Yvonne Dutton
We have our own name for this cream in our house. Magic Cream. Use it for cuts rashes burns hotspots for us and the furries. Wouldn’t be without Silver Cream or SilverTincture.
Denise Scott
My mini schnauzer girl is prone to hot spots and developed a big one last week. I was using prescribed steroid cream but it was just getting worse and the scratching was driving her mad. Started using the silver cream as soon as it arrived yesterday and am amazed at the difference just 36 hours later. It’s taken the itch right out of the area and means that I’ve been able to leave the collar off for the first time in 6 days. I’ll certainly always keep this in my first aid kit, thank you!
Sharon Gelder
This is Amazing!!! I originally bought this for our new puppy but since covid 19 came along my daughters hands have got so cracked and sore from hand washing at school and continuous hand gel. We used this for two days and literally her hands looked so much better and she’s pain free now!!
Elaine McGleish
i could leave a review on other items but, I have chosen the silver cream as I am amazed at how good the stuff is, I bought some when my dog had a hotspot, I had tried other stuff specially made for hotspots but, nothing worked, the hotspot got worse so purchased the silver cream, I could tell straight away that it had took the angry redness away and cooled the area down.. the silver at cream did the job.. at he same time I manage to give myself a razor rash under my arms so, I thought I will try the silver cream well it was brilliant, this is a product that I would highly recommend having in your cupboard at all times..
Patrycja Sz.
This is the most versatile cream that honestly works so well for all skin-related issues. I've been using this for my dog's allergy hotspots, wounds and paws, as well as for myself when I develop allergic reactions this works perfectly and quickly to calm the skin down. I highly recommend!
Cathy Burniston
Silver cream is amazing both for pets and humans .
Ros Whipps
My Gsp had to have a claw removed after tearing it vertically last week.. ouch!! Such super quick healing with this cream and devils claw for the pain. 5****
Our elderly staffy had an infected wound on her back that she wouldn’t leave alone. I took her to the vet and was given antibiotics but this did not resolve the problem. After using the silver cream for 4-5 days the wound has started to heal over and she is no longer scratching at it relentlessly! This product is a God send with three dogs and two humans in the house. Any little scuffs, cuts, wounds or scabs are quickly dealt with. I am very pleased and would recommend this product to anyone.
Celine Gafos
An essential first aid item for any dog owner. Used for many things including hot spots, grazes, irritation and even my rescue dogs cysts. It’s fantastic and works better than some prescribed products from the vets. Must have, can’t be without product. Excellent

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