Travel tincture

Travel tincture

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Travel tincture

Product details

A  tincture made from a blend of 100% natural ingredients to support calmness and settle tummies when travelling.

Give 1-5 pipettes ( 0.8ml) about 20 minutes before travelling, start at 1 pipette and increase amount if necessary, can be given hourly if needed.

This herbal blend consists of Ginger root, Valerian root & Camomile in a apple cider vinegar base.

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from  £11-50

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    5 reviews

    Phoebe Pei Leong

    This really helps my shiba during our journey, she used to drool during the journey and after I’ve Fed her 1-2hrs before, she felt a lot calmer. Great stuff and thank you


    Only travel tincture that worked on my Newfoundland dog. Brilliant product. Dog would not go in car for over a year. Tried this product and delighted to say she is happy to got on trips now. Would highly recommend to anyone.

    Sue Tomlin

    Have used this on both of my dogs who didn’t travel well when little, this settled them on longer car journeys, so no panting just happy dog at the end

    Caroline Rutherford

    Have been using this on both dogs but mainly bought for the younger one who drools in the car. Since using this product travel is much more comfortable for him.

    Marcia Piper

    This is the best, it's never let me down and has worked on some very car sick dogs, definitely recommend