Antihistamine Powders

Antihistamine Powders

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Antihistamine Powders

Product details

 This natural powder made from a blend of herbal ingredients to support  the body with reaction symptoms

Contains- Milk Thistle, Fenugreek, Kelp, Wild Sage, Propolis, Brewers Yeast (Pre & pro Biotic, digestive enzymes)

Give 5-10ml daily to pets 15kg and under, 10-20ml daily for heavier pets.
Lower amounts for preventative, higher for therapeutic needs.

Powders are measured in volume ml, not weight.. Spoon is in the pouch

 Prices start from  £16.75

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    13 reviews


    My Chow was keeping us awake with his troublesome itching and after a day taking these, itching completely stopped! Now part of his daily routine!


    So Far So good! Read alot of reviews about so many products yet these antihistamine powders stood out more somehow.Less reviews perhaps yet was interested particularly in the Apoquel comments and how this seems to have helped folk wean their pets away from Apoquel and Cytopoint injections so thought I give them them a try for Freckles(English Setter) who has been struggling rather with skin issues over last year or so.Well I am just coming to the end of my 565ml pack and I have waited as I understand some of theses herbal remedys can take a few weeks to actually start to kick in.Today Freckles has had no Apoquel and his sore places are looking nicely healed.He has had no change of diet which I did on purpose so am putting this down to these antihistamine powders therefore have just ordered a litre pack.To go from Freckles needing to be put back to double doses of Apoquel as soon as I tried to reduce his dosage these powders do indeed seem to be the miracle for Freckles.Early days maybe but feel confident in this product! ☺


    My poor dog was scratching herself bald patches. These are absolutely amazing! In a week I haven’t noticed her scratching and her hair is now growing back!


    Helps my dog so much with her dermatitis so much better then stuff from vets :)

    Claire Goodwin

    My dog developed dermatitis so was very itchy and had been gnawing at his paws constantly. The vet gave him a cytopoint injection which did absolutely nothing to help. My dog is very fussy and checks his food so I never thought I would get away with putting powders in his food but I didn’t want to give steroids so gave this a try and he hasn’t even noticed. I gave twice a day for a week and then once a day thereafter and we’ve had no itching or paw chewing for several weeks now. Absolutely brilliant.

    Jess Doyle

    Our senior staff has had sore itchy skin since we rescued him two years ago. This product has been so effective in providing him with some relief. His belly fur is growing back and he no longer requires a daily apoquel. I feel a lot better knowing I am giving him a natural product with no harmful side effects and so so happy with the results.

    Ros Whipps

    Ordered this for our 18 month old Golden Retriever who has been diagnosed with Atopic dermatitis, switched him onto a raw diet along with these powders and within 10 days his scratching has reduced significantly, using the honey gold tincture along side too….so far so good

    Alison D

    Fantastic Product - have just returned to using this product as have an pup who is incredibly itchy, constantly chewing & scratching her skin - within days there is a huge difference and her skin is now much calmer & she’s not nibbling nearly as much as she was. Bonus, give this to all 3 dogs, they love it on their food - will continue to use this daily as my mistake was stopping to use it when previous symptoms cleared after using this product.

    Nikki Long

    One of our shihtzus has been on apoquel for non specific itchy allergies for years and I have always been concerned with the potential side effects so very keen to find a natural alternative. However over the years trying different things as soon as we stopped the apoquel the intense itching/scratching would start again almost within hours. We started using Rayannas antihistamine powder the same day as her last apoquel tablet a month ago and we have been amazed! She still has some scratching but nothing like that intense all consuming scratching that she had suffered with for so many years. I cant recommend this antihistamine powder enough if you have a dog with itchy allergies - Try it you won't be disappointed. Thanks for all your help Rayanna, much appreciated by us and more importantly Mimi xx

    Hollie Morrell

    My dog was literally itching himself to bits over spring time. Giving himself sores and was so unsettled. He had never had any issues previously with allergies. I changed his food to see if it helped but no luck. I had to put him on a chemical antihistamine until I found these natural powders. In a week he was back to normal. No itching, no sores and no more chemical tablets. This stuff worked like magic.


    using this for my dog she has itchy allergies I’ve managed to get her of apaquel from vets with it very happy.


    Use this seasonally when my dogs allergies flare up and has saved me having to use harmful steroids with awful side effects. Well worth the money

    Gemma White

    From having 2 fur baby’s suffering allergies from young age this was a god send worked quickly and affectively and so much safer to use. Definitely worth the price