Carpet/Floor Cleaner

Carpet/Floor Cleaner

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Carpet/Floor Cleaner

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A natural  Eco friendly floor & Carpet cleaner to efficiently clean and Freshen.

Has no artificial chemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes

Perfectly safe around your pets and children

 Concentrated formula, use 30/40ml in a bucket of water and use a brush/cloth to areas needed, or add a small amount to cleaning machines to clean and erase stains & smells, including pet urine, faeces, vomit etc-

Contains:  Aqueous tinctures of thyme & Cinnamon, White Vinegar, plus fragrance oils

Prices start from  £8.50

    Product reviews

    7 reviews


    Used this on my carpets for the first time. I had a guy come to clean them, he was happy to use this natural product instead of his usual chemical one, carpets came up smelling beautiful and so clean. Will continue to use. Thank you Rayanna

    Fiona Sinfield

    I used this to scrub my elderly girl’s dog bed, which had got very whiffy over winter. It now smells delightfully of lime fruit gums! I also use it in my Crosswave for washing the tiled flooring.


    Smells amazing love the dove


    I’ve used the floor/carpet cleaner in my spray mop for the laminate floors and it works really well and leaves no smears. I’ve also put it in my vax carpet cleaner to clean my rugs and it works really well. Love that it not only cleans but is safe, with no nasty chemicals, the coconut one smells lovely.


    Used this earlier for the first time it cleans brilliantly I have the babydust fragrance and it smells amazing

    Jill Boys

    This is fantastic used in a vax carpet washer , so good and safe for pets and children to be around , pleasant fresh smell and cleaned so well

    Caroline Rutherford

    Fantastic product and great fragrances. So many to chose and all great.