Flea Away Shampoo

Flea Away Shampoo

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Flea Away Shampoo

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This herbal shampoo works great alongside the Flea away solution, no harsh chemicals involved, to make this a safe effective product that can be used regularly.

Apply to wet coat, lather, leave a few minutes and rinse.

The  natural Ingredients include Coconut Surfactant, Cleansing and foaming agent, Camomile extracts, Sea salt,  Quassia bark, Bitter Apple, Lavender, Lemongrass

Prices start from £8.00

    Product reviews

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    This is the only herbal shampoo I have found that kills fleas. This also makes their fur smell lovely and look clean.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Take this to groomers along with their other shampoo. Groomer has commented on their lovely coats