Human Bodywash/showergel. Regular Eczema Psoriasis Vitamin E

Human Bodywash/showergel. Regular Eczema Psoriasis Vitamin E

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Human Bodywash/showergel. Regular Eczema Psoriasis Vitamin E

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Natural shower gel come Bubble bath, whether you need an Invigorating shower, or a relaxing soak in the bath, these will not let you down, enriched with soothing, hydrating Ingredients, which leave you refreshed with a lovely aroma, now which scent to choose.

Available in: Regular, Eczema, Psoriasis &  Vitamin E

Basic Ingredients:  Maldon salt, Aqua, Coconut surfactant, Chamomile extracts, scented oils

    Product reviews

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    Quite by accident we discovered this makes a fabulous hand soap. We get the vitamin E in the almond scent. We put it in our automatic hand soap dispensers & our hands are super soft and smell really lovely.


    For 20+ years I’ve suffered with an awful/uncomfortable tingling on the skin on my legs after showering. I recently bought the eczema body wash and have noticed a massive difference. Will definitely be buying more, bought the palma violet fragrance which is lovely.


    Another excellent product which seems to fight eczema


    Regular shower gel in rock salt and driftwood. Oh my this smells divine! Slightly masculine fresh and woody. Really lovely, cleans well too.

    Dawn Childs

    Bought some shower gel to give as a present...but so lovely I kept it for myself, oops!!

    Alison Rendell

    There is no better body wash - soft & creamy whatever scent you select always smells amazing - my current favs Hemp Flower & the Mandarin but quite a few others come really close - a great buy

    Jill Boys

    Love this got the vitamin e type in coconut all the family use it and all love it , no harsh chemicals and leaves your skin lovely


    I purchased the eczema body wash in lemongrass. The scent was gorgeous and product didn't set my skin into itch mode


    Works well with the shampoo, my daughter uses the Eczema one to battle itchy, dry scalp.

    Melanie Wood

    Tried the vitamin E based one in Mango. Absolutely gorgeous scent. I love fruity ones!