Joint and Mobility Powders/Tincture

Joint and Mobility Powders/Tincture

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Joint and Mobility Powders/Tincture

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Some pets as they age, or through Injury may need a helping hand, this natural blend of great Ingredients can support mobility & joints for a more flexible pet.

This blend consists of Green Lipped Mussel,  Apium seed, Ginger root, Alfalfa  Flax seed, Wild Sage, Cayenne, pre & pro biotic plus enzymes.

Add amount to food daily as specified.

Give 5-10ml daily to pets 15kg and under, 10-20ml for heavier pets daily.
Lower amounts for preventative, higher for therapeutic needs.

Prices start from  £16.75

Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Product reviews

    16 reviews


    I purchased the joint and mobility powders to try on my Belgian Shepherd as he became grumpy for no reason and after speaking to Rayanna thought it sounded like joint problems, so using the powders now for 6 weeks and have noticed a massive difference in him along with a low dose of devil's claw in a morning. My boy is only 2 and a half, so still a young dog but I have noticed such a change in him, he's playing again wanting loves and affection rather then being grumpy and growling at people when being touched, if he appears in pain on an evening he has an extra dose of devil's claw but this is not very often, don't want to put him on chemicals meooxarion so I am really pleased with the massive change in him since taking the products, another win with myself for all natural pet products


    Amazing I use this with the devil claw and works so well together for my 10 year old girl

    Hannah Wright

    Great stuff we use this alongside devils claw and small amount of metacam daily really do seem to be helping! He quite happily eats it in his dogfood! Really cannot believe the difference these powders have made

    Donna Miller

    Absolutely fantastic, two weeks in and the difference in my dog is amazing, can't recommend enough


    We have a 15 year old staff who has been struggling with mobility especially getting up. We’ve been using the powder for 1 week and the difference is amazing. He’s never going to run a marathon, he’s an old man but seeing him walking with us and managing to now stand up without support is amazing. He’s supposed to have 10ml each evening meal but I’ve been Giving him 5ml so I can increase it if / when he deteriorates. I mix it with a little water to dilute it as I did find it clumped to raw food and he could smell it and refused to eat, this way he wolfs it down. We also have a OEB, 22 months who after a long walk would sometimes carry his back legs (he’s a big dog but not overweight) so have been doing the same and he’s great now, no issues. If you’re struggling to think is it worth it, my opinion and experience is yes 1000%. I can’t thank these guys enough for their experience and advice I’ve received over the years. Never failed us ❤️

    Mrs Sinclair

    I have used this product for years as my dogs have got older and stiff and cannot recommend enough, high strength yumove had no effect on my 12yr old whippet. She is now like a spring lamb. Dont think twice, this product really does work!!

    Sam Freemantle

    I have a 10 yr old border collie, for 3 yrs we had her on monthly injections, 400gms of gabapentine and metacam for her arthritis. It was getting to the stage that I believed I was keeping her alive for me, we would have to make that fatal decision to put her to sleep. But then a friend recommended all natural pets. Jess has now been on joint and Mobility powder and devils claw for 2 yrs. she is doing amazingly. My vet Could Not believe the difference and now recommends All natural pets to others. Best advice and the most amazing products. Thank you. If I could give you 10stars I would xxxx

    Carol Steck

    Absolutely brilliant! Ive put all my doggy walking friends onto this and your website so I have the same reviews from them. Thank you.

    Claire rodden

    My springer spaniel was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips two Christmas’s ago she’s been on the joint and mobility powders ever since they have been a total miracle powder for her I also give her the devils claw for those days when it’s really cold and it affects her joints 100% recommended

    Kathryn Raby

    My dog Tyson injured his cruciate ligament when running on a walk, the vet wanted to sedate him to X-ray the damage, however he suffers from epilepsy and one of his triggers is anxiety, so I decided to give him total rest to see if it improved by itself, and just administered pain relief, a number of weeks passed and his knee was not getting any better, so I decided to try the joint and mobility powders, well in just a month I have seen a huge improvement, he is weight bearing, and I have been able to increase the length of his walks, he is still healing but the powder has definitely helped his progress, would definitely recommend it.

    Carol Williams

    My dog Ellie is 13 yrs of age , for the last 18 months she’d struggled to get about , after many vet visits with no effects , I tried the mobile support powder After one month Ellie can now get in and out the chair and have a run around . Wonderful results


    My Old Tyme Bulldog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 7 months, she has joint powder every day, alongside devils claw if needed, and there is no sign of stiffness, to be honest it’s worked wonders, definitely recommend these products

    Liz Graham

    My wee dog had a cruciate injury on his back leg. The vet done xray and said an operstion would fix it. She also said possibly cage rest might help but slim chance. So we got recommended this powder and hes been on it for a month now. Hes up and running on all fours. We are so hapoy this happened and convinced the powder went a long way to his recovery. Thanks rayanne for the recommendation.


    Been using this alongside the devil’s Claw and seems to be keeping my older girls pain free and mobile

    Cathy Sheridan

    My Labrador is 12 and she was getting rather stiff in her legs and back. Decided it would not do any harm to try these support powders. It really has made a difference, she is more mobile and she seems a lot happier now out on her walks.

    Sally Ann Orrin

    I got this for my Yorkie who was coughing and gagging, possible collapsed trachea, well she hardly coughs at all now so that worked well, also helps my old boy who is a bit stiff on his back legs.