Maythen Ear Drops

two small bottles with pipette lids containing a natural ear oil made of herbal Ingredients

Maythen Ear Drops

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two small bottles with pipette lids containing a natural ear oil made of herbal Ingredients

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Maythen Ear Drops

Product details

A blend of herbal ingredients to soothe Lower ear irritations and soften wax.

Insert a couple of drops twice daily for approx 7 days 

Can be used there after once/twice weekly to support healthy ears

Do not try to remove wax from the ear canal at any time with cotton buds

Apply to both ears even if one ear appears to be unaffected.

Blended from Maythen oil, Rosemary oil and tea tree oil. 

Store away from heat & Light

Prices start from £11.50

    Product reviews

    12 reviews


    This stuff is amazing help clear up my dogs ear infection and mine

    Su Brown

    Actually purchased these for my little dog some time ago, and they were brilliant. I have battled with my own ear problems for mny years. Numerous natural remedies, numerous prescription meds, all to no avail. Gave these amazing drops a go just a few days ago, and the results are totally gobsmacked! My ears are clearer than they have been for years. Just kicking myself that I didn't use them on myself a long time ago..

    Pat Dornan

    Had to review again as am so delighted . My neighbours labrador had a red raw ear last night. Put in the drops to see if he got any relief until a vets appointment could be made. Just been over to see how he got on and no vets visit needed. Ear looks normal . Put more drops in and will see how he goes. His owner is gobsmacked, and delighted . Px

    Pat Dornan

    Used on my dog Bobby to great effect. Have been suffering myself for almost two years following shingles in my ear. Have had a multitude of drops prescribed but they make me wake up through the night clawing at my ears. Decided to try Bobbys drops. Day 3 and I can hear out of my dull ear and for the first time in a longvtime no scratching at night . Magic !!!

    Kristina Salce

    Another great product which kept as away from seeing a vet. Works very well. I am happy returning customer

    Lesley Lowe

    I used these ear drops on my dog when she was a puppy, now 4, and they worked within a couple of applications. She was all the time getting ear infections but she hasn't had any since then.

    Gillian Findlay

    Use these weekly to prevent ear problems.


    Excellent product. Tried many others but this was the only one that worked for my pooches with no side effects and no need to worry about side effects as its all herbal. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star product 5 star service.

    Sue Tomlin

    I have one dog that seems to be prone to ear infections, this product certainly calms them down

    Pat Dornan

    Bought this product for my old Bichon whos has ear problems constantly. It has settled his ears down like magic. Decided to give it a go myself as I have exzema in my ears. It worked like nothing else has!! Cleared up after two uses and so far no flare ups.

    Lisa Matsell

    I used this as i suffer with blocked ears it worked really well easy to use

    jane o' connell

    Used on dog & teenager with good results !