Quassia Shampoo

A natural shampoo for pets for soothing skin problems,  he yellow shampoo smells fresh of Lemons

Quassia Shampoo

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A natural shampoo for pets for soothing skin problems,  he yellow shampoo smells fresh of Lemons

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Quassia Shampoo

Product details

A  natural soothing  shampoo to help with itchy, sensitive, problem skin.
the herbal ingredients can support conditions like Hotspots, flea allergy symptoms, lick Granola, Sweet Itch( Equine) Mange, Yeast symptoms etc

Quassia Bark, Bitter Apple, and Lavender and Lemon grass extracts in a Coconut Surfactant, Cleansing and foaming agent base

Great to use alongside the  Quassia spray, and conditioner. 

Prices start from £8.00

    Product reviews

    12 reviews


    Use on my chow chow who is having a touch time with hot spots. It has worked wonders!! I’m totally obsessed with all natural pet, I have a suite of products now and each product has been incredible!


    Shampoo makes my dog smell so good and help her skin

    Jess Doyle

    Another fantastic product from all-natural pet. Smells amazing and has really improved our senior staffies skin condition. Love discovering the power of natural ingredients to help us and our pets!

    mandy abbott

    WOW!! to say my boy drives me mad with his itching is a understatement , This shampoo not only smells amazing but actual gave the relief our boy needed ,left him feeling super soft too , would defo recommend

    Jo M

    I've only ever used natural products on my dog as she's always been allergic to many things.. She'd been particularly itchy for a few weeks and I was getting worried. We tried the Quassia Shampoo- gave her a good wash in it and ALL THE ITCHING STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! and hasn't itched since. What an amazing product. Totally recommend.

    Lesley Tadman

    I bought the Quassia Shampoo for my dog as he had started to get quite itchy once the weather started to warm up, I saw an immediate improvement after just one bath with the itching reduced enormously, this is another product I will never be without, I now use this on both my dogs regularly and their coats look amazing.

    Lisa C

    This shampoo is brilliant - it makes my 2 Frenchies' coats smooth & shiny, smell gorgeous and really seems to calm their itchy skin. Would recommend it to anyone!

    Sally Ann Orrin

    Wow I am so impressed with this shampoo, my Yorkie normally hates a bath/shower but she was so relaxed after and even lay down to be blow-dried, I will always use this from now on, thank you for all your marvellous natural products.

    Gillian Findlay

    Love this shampoo.. Stops my boy scratching himself. Smells devine and leaves coat smooth n shiny.

    Caroline Rutherford

    Another great product which has helped ease itching and keeps their coats shiny too

    T Raven

    Excellent product, used on my little dog when I couldn’t figure out why he was scratching, worked really quick

    Yvonne Dutton

    I love this shampoo. My two Shih Tzus have quite different coats but their fur is so soft after using this and they smell gorgeous. I just have to keep touching them.