Mega Parasite Bundle

Mega Parasite Bundle

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Mega Parasite Bundle

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This Natural Parasite bundle is perfect for supporting external and Internal parasites.

The bundle consists of Flea away 50/50 500ml,
Flea & Tick powders 565ml  the Four seasons Intestinal hygiene tincture 100ml and the 500ml Flea shampoo.

The Flea away 50/50 can be lightly sprayed all over the pet avoiding face area, and also used to spray around the home.

Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits from 3 weeks old.

A patch test for sensitivity is advised
Contains  Quassia Bark, Sage, Cyder Vinegar containing essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass and Anti-Parasitic 12x

The Flea & Tick powders you just add the amount stated to food daily.

The herbal Ingredients are a blend of Seaweed, fenugreek, brewers yeast & garlic.

Give 5ml  to pets 15kg and under, 10ml for heavier pets, Up to Double amounts can be used.

Powders are measured in volume ml, not weight.
Spoon is in the pouch.

The Four seasons Intestinal tincture you pipette straight in the mouth, or add to a little food.
Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Poultry

Adult dogs 0.8ml  Puppies under 8 weeks, Cats and Rabbits half rate 0.4ml   Kittens and Poultry  0.2ml
Two consecutive days a month or can be used daily for 7-10 days if pets already affected.
Contains Hibiscus, Gentian, Cayenne, Ginger root, Cloves, echinacea, natural salts, and Apple cider vinegar

Flea away shampoo, can be used regularly, wet the coat thoroughly leave the shampoo on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
Contains Coconut Surfactant, Cleansing and foaming agent, Camomile extracts, Sea salt,  Quassia bark, Bitter Apple, Lavender, Lemongrass

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    I would definitely buy this product as this helped me with my many cats and dogs. I didn't know that if fleas are ingested, the potential for tapeworms can form. So as my cats were licking their fur, I used the tincture daily on all of them. I found that with the great advice given, using the the products on my pets and home helped me 1st significantly reduce the amount of itching and number of fleas, then eventually we irradiated them. The house is a must to treat as well as the pets. By hoovering daily (just like Rayanna says), steaming the environment really worked and spraying. It's hard work, but worth it in the end.