Yeast Bundle

Yeast Bundle

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Yeast Bundle

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 A Bundle of goodies to support Yeast problems 

Yeast can affective skin, ears, paws etc, and can make the skin inflamed, sore, crusty and smelly.  

Yeast powders can help with the symptoms and balance the gut flora, so help inside and out .
Ingredients are Brewers yeast, Fenugreek, Bladderwrack, Zinc, pre and probiotic, and digestive enzymes.
Add to food daily, give pets to 15kg 5ml daily, heavier pets 10ml.
Double amounts can be used for therapeutic needs

Quassia spray can help soothe irritated skin. 

It Contains- Aqueous Quassia Bark extract, Bitter Apple extract, Lavender and Lemon grass extracts.      Spray and massage onto the skin, 1-3 times daily, do not rinse.
If your pet doesn't like  sprays, apply with a  sponge.
Avoid spraying near the eyes, and on open sores

Quassia shampoo  contains Quassia Bark, Bitter Apple, and Lavender and Lemon grass extracts in a Coconut Surfactant, Cleansing and foaming agent base
Use 1-2 times weekly initially leave on for 5 min and rinse thoroughly.

These 3 items support topically and from within, so you are targeting both ways, which can often bring quicker results.

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